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3 Secrets For Creating The Family You've Always Wanted

One by one, they all filed into the kitchen for the family meeting. My oldest hopped onto the counter. His gangly legs dangled past the knobs on the cabinet doors below. Bouncing on his toes, the youngest stretched his arms as high as he could -- the universal baby language for "pick-me-up." I automatically lifted him. He felt twice as heavy the day before. At least, it seemed like yesterday. All of a sudden, his face didn't look like my pudgy baby with the button nose. Instead, a full-blown toddler had taken his place. As he settled into my lap, wrapped in my arms, I looked around the room at all the faces. Curiosity framed eight pairs of big, Robinson-blue eyes. We filled the entire kitchen of that old farmhouse.

"It's time to take a vote,” I announced.

Before I could say what we were actually voting on, squeals of delight slipped out of the girls. It's always fun when you're little and someone counts your vote -- on anything.

"Okay," I continued. "Daddy and I want to know... who wants Mommy to have another baby?"

All hands immediately shot into the air. The little guy on my lap raised both of his, and now all the girls were giggling.

"Well then, it's settled. Mommy's going to have a baby."


"At the end of the summer."

The entire room erupted with cheers. The big girls hugged each other, and the two boys started jumping up and down making boy-noises. The older kids narrowed their eyes and studied us. Their suspicion was plainly written all over their faces-- "Wait a minute, I don't think that's how it works..."

Their dad shot a smile and a wink their way.

Our children were always excited about welcoming a new member. To them growing a family took nothing more than an announcement.

However, building a strong family takes more than simply adding children. It takes these three vital elements.