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Why Your Friends Shouldn't Give a Crap About Your Birthday


Submit your questions to [email protected] or leave a question in the comments section, and I'll answer it in Bad Advice!

Happy birthday, spring babies! I've just rounded the corner on a quarter century, and here's a question from another Millennial, with a birthday problem...

Dear Bad Advice,

Three years ago, I had the best and worst birthday of my life. I was turning 21 and I had a spectacular party at a bar with a big group of friends the night before, and was showered with gifts and cards the next day (including a cake my mom sent me in the mail!). Sounds pretty good, right? Well, that day I also broke up with my boyfriend of three years, whom I'd been hoping to marry. It was the product of a long, painful wind-down that had taken place over the preceding months, but the final straw was when I opened up a box of flowers, and all my friends assumed it was from him...but it wasn't. He was there when I opened it, and when one of my friends asked what he had done for my birthday, she found out he hadn't planned anything special at all, not even a card or a nice dinner out. I know some people don't make a big deal out of birthdays or holidays, but we had always been very thoughtful about celebrating special occasions, making each other hand-made gifts and cards and going out of our way to create a special evening for each other. So the fact that he hadn't done anything at all had to have been a deliberate move on his part, to send me a message.

I still feel conflicted about that day, because I can't seem to separate the great parts from the miserable ones. I had one of the most fun, memorable birthdays ever with a group of people who remain some of my closest friends -- but I also ended a relationship with a man that I was utterly convinced I was going to spend the rest of my life with (how naive we are at 21). Ever since then, I sort of dread and look forward to every birthday, wondering if it's going to be just as great, or just as bad. I'm turning 24 this year and I don't know what to expect. How do I shake this foreboding feeling and just enjoy my day?

- Minerva K.

This sounds like bad advice, but you need a rebound.