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Doomsday Preppers Week 13: Pain Is Good

Ah, lucky 13. We've hit the 13th episode of Doomsday Preppers, Season Two, and what have we learned so far?

We've developed an understanding that the single most common reason for prepping is the imminent collapse of the economy and the ensuing chaos that follows such an event. We've learned that the producers of this show — and to be fair, the producers of almost every "reality" show — have an eye for the eccentric and the absurd. The more outlandish and unhinged the prepper, it seems, the better chance they stand of getting on the show. That allowed, there have been some very ingenious preppers who have made the cut this season as well and impressed even the most grizzled critics with their ingenuity.

Craig Compeau lives in southeastern Alaska, the "last frontier," with his wife and teenage daughters. The owner of a boat sales company, Craig fears an economic collapse and popular revolt that leads to martial law.

Should that eventuality come to pass, Craig intends to get his family out of Fairbanks fast and into Alaska's rugged interior where limited government forces aren't likely to try and chase down individual families in the bush.

For the time being, Craig's family is split up. His wife and older daughter are in a different part of Alaska pursuing medical degrees, while he keeps the home-fires burning and the preps, er, prepping. This isn't easy on his younger daughter, Emily, who, like most teens, thinks her parents are nuts.

True to form for the show, Craig wakes Emily before dawn and takes her on on a forced retreat to their bug-out location.