13 Weeks: Week 10 -- In Which We Scheme

My mother, on what turned out to be her last birthday, with my sister-in-law Tawney.

Great news -- for me at least, we report you decide -- the 13 Weeks series has been renewed for another 13 weeks. (You can follow it day to day on the associated Facebook page.)

It's actually kind of fitting that I'm announcing this now: today as I type this is the 11th of January, and the one year anniversary of my mother's death. It will be published on Saturday 12 January, and Sunday 13 January would have been her 78th birthday.

As I said when I started this:

A sense of mortality struck me on my birthday, 57 this year; arithmetic started showing up for me. My father died in 1994, at 69. That’s only 12 years older than I am now. Mom at 77, only 20 years older than I am now.

Now, my Dad weighed in the neighborhood of 450 lbs when he died, and he smoked. My Mom, around 200 lbs and she’d smoked heavily, drunk heavily, and generally been rode hard and put up wet nearly her whole life. I’ve got some advantages, since I don’t drink or smoke; on the other hand, I’ve been struggling with my weight since I was literally 6 years old. You can hear a lot of bad diet advice in 50 years.

The long and short of it is that I want to change this and need to change this, and there’s relatively new science that suggests there are better, faster, more efficient ways to change this. So I’m doing an experiment: for 13 weeks, which I plan to start a week from today, 4 November 2012, I’m going to start an experiment where I’ll be keeping a very low carb, more or less “paleo” diet, and doing “high intensity interval training” and “high intensity strength training” two sessions a week. This scheme has good reasons behind it, biochemically and otherwise.

Then I’m writing about it, and I’m going very public with it, so, frankly, it’ll be too embarrassing to quit.

Well, it appears to have worked. At 271.5 today, I'm down 30 pounds from my October high of 301.5, and down 18 pounds from my official start date of November 4. My A1c is down from 7.5 percent to 6.2 percent, making me officially post-diabetic, and I've got hopes that by the time this thirteen weeks is done I'll actually have my A1c into the normal non-diabetic range. That is to say, remission.