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Why the Modern Liberal Has Never Had a Mature Thought in His Life

This excerpt is from chapter 2 of The KinderGarden of Eden: How the Modern Liberal Thinks:

Like Adam and Eve just prior to eating from the apple, the Modern Liberal has never had a mature thought in his life. That is, he has never once attempted to gather the facts, study the evidence and weigh these things in a rational formulation in order to seek out the rightful answers. This is because, like Adam and Eve in Eden, he’s never once had to.

The Modern Liberal was born into a life as close to paradise as any human being since God first created man. Having come of age in or after the 1960s, virtually everything that virtually every other human being, in literally every other time and in literally every other place, had had to think about – at its most basic, how to avoid things like disease, hunger, poverty and physical pain – had all but been eradicated just prior to the Modern Liberal’s entry into the sentient world.

It’s easy to forget – or just to have never thought about it at all – but America after the Second World War was not only unlike anything man had ever known, it was, in fact, the culmination of a “five- thousand year leap” forward in time. It was eons ahead of the technologies and medicines from not just earlier millennia or earlier centuries but, in many important ways, from just years and even months before. And every new dawn brought the promise – if not yet the achievement – of still another miraculous stride.

Thanks to the recent advances of Western Civilization in general and the Great Generations of Americans in particular (where the near-perfect balance between God and science had been struck), things like polio, chicken pox, smallpox, the flu as a death sentence and virtually any and every other monstrous disease that had plagued humanity – including the plague – were simply never part of the Modern Liberal’s life and therefore played no part in the Modern Liberal’s “thinking.”