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Doomsday Preppers Week 5: Hot Sauce and Helicopters

Bob Kay is a nutritional scientist who lives in Southern California and is prepping for a catastrophic earthquake. He describes the land under his feet as "Graham cracker crust" near where 5-6 major faults come together. Geologically speaking, if you live in Southern California and don't prep, you might just be the one who is dangerously delusional.

As we've seen in graphic detail in recent decades, a major earthquake near large population areas can "pancake" overpasses and bridges, destroying roads and rails and leaving the affected area with severe bottlenecks at the most desperate of times. Bob's plan is to turn his 2.5 acre property into an "oasis" where his family will have the supplies they need to ride out the chaos following a major quake.

Bob has six motorcycles of various types to get around regardless of road conditions following a major quake, and has spent tens of thousands of dollars in functional landscaping, from 300 types of edible plants and trees to thorny species that form subtle but effective barriers. He's built a 35,000 gallon (concrete?!?) pool to use not just for recreation, but as a water source that he can filter and drink.