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13 Weeks: Week 4 -- In Which We Plateau

The continuing saga of my experiment with a Taubes-inspired change in diet, and high intensity training. Follow me here on PJ Lifestyle, and follow it day to day by liking my 13 Weeks Facebook page.

Okay, last week was on Thanksgiving survival; this week is the aftermath, and then I'll talk about high intensity training. But first the aftermath.

Basically, I gained about 6 pounds directly after Thanksgiving. Now, as I said last week, there was no way that was "real" weight gain -- that would have implied I'd eaten 21,000 kcals over what I need to keep my weight level in the span of a couple of days, when in fact by my food diary I'd eaten 7,700 kcals under. And as I've said all along, this is an experiment to see what happens, especially to my blood sugar, not about weight.

Well, I talk a big game, but the fact is that with 50 years of baggage, I can't help but pay attention to the weight loss, and I was pretty unhappy about the whole thing. Not unhappy enough that I was tempted off my eating plan, mind you. I was really uncomfortable the weekend after Thanksgiving. If I ever ramp up the carbs, it'll be very carefully.

The first 4 pounds came back off in a couple of days, and then I plateaued -- I hit 281 or thereabouts and bounced along for five days. Five freaking days. Now, 280 has been a hard level for me for several years -- I could lose down to there but hard to break through.  (To end the suspense, yes I did finally -- I'm back to 279.)

Here's what the weights would have looked like if I only weighed on Sunday, just as I only do measurements on Sunday:

Matching the scale etc, the Thanksgiving weight gain is a very small alteration; the trend line is still down. In fact, since the long plateau isn't included, the slope of the trend line is rather greater -- 0.27 pounds a day versus 0.21. Once again, I think the lesson is that normally, maybe weighing yourself every week is enough, if you can stand it. (I couldn't: I'd have to throw away my scale or hire someone to bring it over once a week.) Now, let's get to what I've promised for a couple weeks, and talk about the training routines I've followed. That will start right below the fold, so follow this on to the next page.