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In Defense of the Pit Bull

Today, October 27, is National Pit Bull Awareness Day. Whether you are for pits or against them, it's important to remember, in this election season, that these dogs were once a proud symbol of American virtue and valor, appearing in World War I propaganda posters as an emblem of our country's courage.

All month long, dog advocates have been working hard to get the word out that at many animal shelters across this country, as many as 90 percent of the deserving dogs awaiting adoption are all-American pit bulls or pit mixes. And yet too often these dogs are overlooked or given a wide berth because potential adopters are so terrified by horror stories about pit bulls they've heard in the mainstream media -- which, as we've seen before, doesn't spill much ink on, or give much air time to, pits who perform heroic deeds or spread cheer at hospitals and nursing homes; sensational stories about dog attacks are deemed more "newsworthy."

Surprisingly, one major mainstream media player has taken a huge step to help raise awareness of pit bulls: Hugely popular, handsomely compensated Sirius XM talk-show host Howard Stern, one of the MSM's most powerful players (if not its MVP), leveled criticism at Philadelphia Eagles quarterback and convicted animal abuser Michael Vick over Vick's decision to acquire a pet dog (the type and gender of which has not been revealed).

Here are some choice excerpts from Stern's rant:

"Well, when I saw the news I was dumbfounded. It baffles the mind, really. Here's what you gotta think: Everything has calmed down for this guy, he's got his career back on track ... things are quiet. So, instead of keeping things quiet, the way he should, he decides he's going to get a dog. I mean, what the [expletive] is that all about? It's like if somebody is convicted for being a child molester then moves next door to a playground -- you don't do it.... Michael Vick should never own a pet."

"This is no different than Rihanna getting back together with Chris Brown. You sit there and go, What kind of crazy move is this?"

"Get the dog away from him. There should have been something written where he could never own a dog. You know, it's like if I was convicted of taking five Koreans and locking them in my basement and making them sex slaves, then I get out and the first thing I do is move a Korean in with me."

"Isn't there someone in his life that says, 'Listen, Michael, You're a dopey guy, you're a big, dumb [expletive] jock. You're a football player. Let me think for you. You cannot have a dog. You can't have a cat. You can't have a hamster, you [expletive]! You blew it. If you really want a pet, it's not in this lifetime. And your kids when they get older can get one.'"

"I mean, no one sits this guy down, from a p.r. standpoint? This [expletive] guy should not be around dogs. He's got a hostility to these dogs. I don't know what happened in his life, but he shouldn't be allowed to be near a ... it's crazy."

"I mean, why would he stir this up? He's insane. This guy's insane, that's all. Of course he's insane. Who could look at a little dog and kill it? That [expletive] maniac."


Stern was, of course, responding to the outrage felt by many of this country's animal lovers, who were appalled to learn -- via a Twitter photo of Vick's young daughter doing her homework at the family kitchen table, an image that was quickly photoshopped to redact a telltale box of Milkbone biscuits in the background -- that Vick is now a dog owner again, despite having pleaded guilty, in 2007, to the federal felony of dogfighting. Among Vick's more heinous acts during his stewardship (if such it may be called) of Bad Newz Kennels was -- by his own admission -- hanging, electrocuting, drowning, and savagely beating dogs to death.

I'm no fan of Michael Vick, as I've made clear before. Quite the opposite, in fact. But I distinctly recall Howard Stern singing a distinctly different dog tune back in 1988 or 1989, long before he signed his famously lucrative 2006 satellite deal, back when his base was the radio station WXRK.