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Why This Election Year America Is Carmela Soprano

As seems to be a growing trend with the rise of Netflix and DVR, these days my wife and I watch few shows as they're broadcast. We prefer to A) watch at our own pace as per our schedule, and B) avoid wasting any more of our lives watching dumb commercials for products we don't want.

So for the past couple years we've plowed through whole seasons of shows like Dexter, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, the new Battlestar Galactica, The Wire -- many others can probably rattle off the usual list. Last week we finally finished The Sopranos.

Seem strange that we waited so long to watch it? A show so acclaimed and legendary? Perhaps the show most responsible for bringing in this hard-edged revival of TV drama? That was intentional.

I'd tried watching The Sopranos several times over the past decade and could never get into it. I probably attempted the first episode three times over the years. It was only now -- as we've finished some of the other "top shelf" HBO and Showtime offerings -- that I decided to grit my teeth and give the Soprano family another shot. Maybe if I waded a few episodes in then I'd find aspects of the show to enjoy and we'd be off for another 6-season TV epic. And how nice would it be to finally be up to date and to understand what the big deal was about the show in the first place?

I should have paid attention to my initial gut instinct.

*** SPOILER WARNING FOR NEXT PAGE **** If you haven't seen the last episode of The Sopranos yet and intend to then click here to jump to page 3 of this article, avoiding the spoilers of the last episode and my explanation for why we should have just skipped The Sopranos altogether.