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Jazz and Cocktails

I think you'll find that Astrud Gilberto and Stan Getz go best with an Old Fashioned.

You'll need:

2 ounces Bulleit Bourbon.

1 sugar cube

1 dash bitters

1 teaspoon mineral water

1 handful whole ice cubes

And, of course, an Old Fashioned rocks glass

A grownup cocktail doesn't need a bunch of useless fruit in it -- so put away the maraschino cherries and the giant orange wedge.

Hit the sugar cube with the bitters, then muddle it into the water. Add ice, pour in the bourbon, and quickly stir.

Yes, you could just use a tablespoon of simple syrup and skip the cube and the muddling. But that would be like a heroin addict using a pre-bent spoon.

Here's the one I just made. Cheers.