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No, There Isn't a Family Bible Battle Between Angelina Jolie and Jane Pitt

via Jane Pitt Fighting Angelina Jolie, Bought Bible, Praying? | Gossip Cop:

The Enquirer claims to have spoken with Kristopher Burnett, the owner of a Christian bookstore in Missouri who supposedly sold Jane Pitt the Bible “and prayed with her for Brad and Angelina’s well-being.”

But Gossip Cop called Burnett, and he tells us he never told the Enquirer that.

He never “prayed” with Jane Pitt for Brad and Jolie.

That doesn’t stop the Enquirer from treating it like the truth, writing that “after Angie heard about Jane’s prayer, she went crazy!”

According to an “insider” for the tab, “Angelina was already furious with Jane, so this just added insult to injury.”

That’s actually what the Enquirer is doing.

There’s no “holy war” between Jane Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

It’s a “complete fabrication,” a source close to the family tells Gossip Cop.