How Women Ruin Romance by Talking Too Much

To the consternation of and other progressive “girly” sites, we’ve recently witnessed an uptick in “controversial” articles by women, for women, with titles like “Why You’re Not Married.”

That HuffPo piece by Tracy McMillan, based on her new book, reiterates stuff I read as a teenager, in 1950s tomes reissued in mass-market paperbacks -- sporting covers of pensive, bell-bottomed strawberry blondes posing in soft-focus fields, designed to make them more saleable in the '70s.

Similar dating advice can be found in arcane classics like Advice to a Young Wife from an Old Mistress and the more recent Secrets About Men from the Mayflower Madam (who trained her "girls" in deportment and other finishing-school finer points).

Advice like: Don’t act like a slut (in public). Listen. Be gracious and grateful.

And don’t talk too much.