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5 Ways Parents Can Transform Their Wild Boys into Mature Men

His wasn’t the first brilliant plan to end in the emergency room.

The two boys had a problem they needed to solve. You see, there was an opossum on their farm and the boys had to capture it.

I’m not real clear just why, other than that’s just the way of things in a boy’s mind — opossums were made for trapping.

Nonetheless, the two set about their adventure by Googling “how to make a opossum trap.”

The contraption that inspired them consisted of a heavy rock, a rope, and a high tree branch — constructed and powered solely by two 11-year-old boys. It’s really not hard to see how this plan landed one of them in the emergency room to have his collar bone X-rayed.

Just as the mother of the chief architect was about to remind him that this was exactly why boys should put on clean underwear and socks every day, the triage nurse walked in.

"What brings you in today?"

"Well, you see, there’s this opossum on our farm.…"

For the next ten minutes the hospital air filled with the dreams and designs that ultimately knocked the starch right out of the young trapper.

Trying to keep a straight face, the nurse simply smiled and said the doctor would be in soon.

Apparently the boy’s adventure made the rounds ahead of the doctor. It wasn't long before a stream of hospital staff including the janitor "needed" to hear the story.

At last the doctor entered the room. The gray-haired gentlemen pulled up a stool, leaned forward, and began listening intently.

"So tell me what happened."

Once again the tale began:

Well, you see, there’s this opossum….

The doctor asked many questions; he seemed mostly interested in the construction of the trap. Shaking his head with a grin, he ordered the X-rays.

When the results came in, he returned with an announcement:

Well, boys, it looks like it’s back to the drawing board.

Your collar bone isn’t broken, just bruised. But I want you to know you made my day just to know that there are still boys that act like boys.

What do you think he meant when he said he was glad there are still boys that act like boys?

I think his idea of a boy is a bit old-fashioned. He remembers when boys were allowed to be a bit dangerous, adventurous, and industrious — before they were feminized.

Here are five ways parents can capture their boy’s heart, douse it with character, and send a real man out to conquer his own world.