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Katie Holmes 'Scripted' Into Tom Cruise's Life By Church of Scientology?

via Katie Holmes Divorces Tom Cruise Due To Scientology | Styleite.

News of TomKat‘s divorce was nothing short of shocking, and now the details are beginning to emerge. Sources are saying that Katie Holmes was essentially scripted into Tom Cruise‘s life by the Church of Scientology. In addition, the couple’s prenup stipulated that Holmes would get $3 million for every year she stayed with Cruise, and a lot more if she and Tom made little Scientologist babies.

And the church may have orchestrated numerous relationships for Cruise before this one. According to the New York Post, the church was behind Cruise’s sudden divorce from then-pregnant Nicole Kidman, his wife of 10 years, because she didn’t fully embrace Scientology (or rather, didn’t embrace only Scientology).