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10 Myths from the Mommy Wars

Just when you thought it was safe to search Pinterest for a sexy apron, a new skirmish in the Mommy Wars erupts in time for Mother's Day and -- purely by coincidence, I'm sure -- a new election cycle.

When Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen accused Ann Romney (a mother of five) of having "never worked a day in her life," both working moms and stay-at-home moms alike drew new battle lines. However, I can't help but notice that the theater has changed.

The old feminist guard has grown as obsolete as their eight-tracks. A new generation of moms views power and choice in ways that surprise many feminists.

One such feminist, Wendy S. Goffe, wrote a guest post at Forbes.com (A Working Mom Defends the Lululemon Stay at Home Mother") and inadvertently stumbled across a tripwire, setting off a firestorm of criticism that pelted her with "emotional" comments. In response, Goffe wrote another post titled "Who Started the Mommy Wars?" where she writes,

In short, my effort to bridge what I saw as the mommy gap seemed to just accentuate what turned out to be the Mommy Wars.


For Mother’s Day, let’s declare a truce on the Mommy Wars. Instead of bashing one another, let’s communicate amongst ourselves about what we need and what we can offer each other–a sort of free flowing Craigslist.

I understood what she tried to say. She sincerely tried to get women to see past a perceived social status and outward appearance so, as she put it, "We can lead happier, more fulfilling and less guilty lives as parents.”

Before there can be a ceasefire in the Mommy Wars, and the communication lines can freely flow, we need to stop believing the Mommy Myths. Here are 10 of the worst.