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Nine Mysterious Items My Dog and I Found On Our Morning Runs...

Maura begins lobbying earlier each morning. Our two-and-a-half year-old Siberian Husky does not care how much I'm enjoying Dennis Prager's Happiness is a Serious Problem. She's a dog. She does not understand that I would like to reach a good stopping point. Come on, Maura. The chapters are real short in this book. Just a minute and I'll change from pajamas to running pants.

The Sun is rising; it's time for me to finish my reading-stretching multitasking and take her for our run. Who knows what we'll find today?

My favorite part of each morning with Maura is the randomness. I've started letting her decide which direction we'll go, when we'll start a sprint, and which turns we'll take. When we've gone a reasonable distance (usually a little bit further each day) then I'll finally direct her to start leading us toward home. Sometimes I'll nudge her in one direction over another or hold her back from an item that really has no business going into her mouth.

The surprising side effect of our routine is the phenomenon I reveal in this week's article: we keep finding interesting stuff! And every time I acquire some new book or handwritten note the unanswerable questions sprout up like toadstools. I wonder who owns these items. Did they abandon them intentionally or are they frantically looking for something they've lost? We're not likely to ever find out. And that's OK.

For my original acquisition: three books that are probably alright but I doubt I'll ever read...