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The Inadequate Political Magick of Herman Cain, Rick Perry, and Mitt Romney

The science and art of causing change in conformity with will.

-- British occultist Aleister Crowley's definition of magick

We sit here today with a high unemployment rate (and in our bones we know it even higher than the figures suggest) and the national disappointment, President Barack Obama, for one key reason: the magickal incompetence of the Republican Party during the 2008 election. Say what one will about the President's shortcomings, as a campaigner and a political magician he is first in his class -- and without the aid of affirmative action. Doubt me? Name a more talented political liar. Who else could spend an entire career arms locked with vulgar radicals like Jeremiah Wright and Billy Ayers yet somehow mesmerize the country into believing he was Grown Up Centrist Liberalism Incarnate?

Obama won in 2008 not just because of the fortunes of history -- first black nominee, two orphan candidates, Bush fatigue, the economic crisis -- but because he waged the more effective campaign. McCain/Palin did not know what hit them.

How he'll top the potency of these -- two of modern presidential history's most effective magickal sigils -- is anyone's guess.

The magickal energy of these images still reverberates doesn't it? Stare into them and you can still feel the illusion he wanted you to feel -- just as when you always ask a Democrat about their political positions they'll tell you how they're driven by how they "feel" like one public policy is better than another.

And so it is that reluctant bedfellows of Republicans and Tea Partiers unite with a shared sense of clarity about the importance of a candidate's skills in the art of political warfare.

My position is comparable to many: Obama's defeat in office is the primary priority. Among the three front-runners of Herman Cain, Rick Perry, and Mitt Romney I have my shifting preferences but would be more than comfortable with any as nominee and President. So the question that remains is which will have the best shot in a head to head match up with the Alinskyite Cult's Goblin King.

The answer is whoever wins the primary.

Voters have not yet fully cemented their support behind a candidate because a combination of three magickal spells has yet to be cast effectively by any of the front runners:

  • Political Authenticity
  • Political Literacy
  • Political Competence

Authenticity -- The candidate's political efforts flow from a profound sincerity. The candidate believes in what he says and is not just "playing politics" or "just saying something to get elected." His actions are the extension of a serious grounding in conservative political philosophy. We can trust the politician to try and do what he says. Above all he is authentically American in his values and in his understanding of the role of the federal government and his limited responsibilities as head of the Executive branch.

Literacy -- The candidate knows the strange rituals and baroque customs of post-World War II American political culture. He can navigate the treacherous terrain and gaseous fever swamps of our corrupt mainstream media. He will not make easy media mistakes and lousy, embarrassing gaffes. He knows how to play defense.

Competence -- The candidate can effectively unleash political magick spells to disrupt his enemies' efforts, inspire his supporters, and ultimately capture victory. He knows how to play offense.

Each of the candidates is still trying to cast all three of these spells. On the next three pages we'll consider each one's Achilles' Heel.

First: It's just a flesh wound...