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John Nampion Vs. His Sharia-Compliant Teenage Son

Hey Dad -- you know about the Moors, right?

Sure, Nick, I've heard of them. Read a little about them in school.

Then you probably know they created the most advanced civilization in the history of the world. Muslims. Muslims, Dad.

Please sit back, relax, and enjoy the following Sharia-compliant video, the current fad in dhimmified classrooms across the country:

Geez...not this again...My 15-year-old son (taller by a lot, thank God, and of course way smarter and better-looking than yours truly -- he could easily be mistaken for your typical blond surfer dude) taking shots at his Old Man about his favorite subject these days, those plucky and misunderstood Ambassadors of Allah -- or as Elijah Muhammad used to call his own nasty, thuggish variant -- the "Fruit of Islam."

Of course linking to a Nation of Islam website to somehow "prove" my own bigoted and ignorant opinion about the relative "goodness" or lack thereof of one of the three great monotheistic religions of history is just fodder for my boy who, like many young people, believes that no one wants to change the way he lives. It's just a simple difference of opinion, after all, and can I please give him 65 bucks to go to a concert this weekend?