Child Destroys $1300 Worth of Makeup at Sephora and the Pics Are the Stuff of Nightmares

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Every so often something happens that brings about the parenting wars. You know the incidents: children getting lost in public places, kids getting hurt when they’re out with their parents. Once the situation hits social media, the online public quickly breaks into two camps: those who blame the parents, and those who defend them. Well, we have another incident that is enraging the Twitterverse. If you’re a big makeup fan, you might want to avert your eyes, because it’s just a mess.


A Sephora employee posted a picture of $1300 worth of eyeshadow completely destroyed. She blames it on a “small child” and asks for parents to shop at the cosmetic store without “tiny humans” for the sake of the blessed makeup. Twitter users everywhere were quick to defend the employee, horrified at the sight of the destroyed makeup palette. Another pointed out that the makeup that was ruined was about 4 feet off the ground, and that a “small child” couldn’t have done it. She criticizes the employee for jumping to conclusions about who the culprit was, and for #momshaming.

Let’s look at all angles here:

  1.  That poor makeup is a mess, and any person who has ever played dress up (as a child or adult) knows how much fun getting your hands on that many colors can be.
  2. Yes, any parent who brings a child into a store — whether that child is two or ten — needs to be responsible for his or her tiny human. No exceptions.
  3. That being said, having tiny humans can be incredibly difficult, especially when you’re trying to run errands.

So the question remains: what side are you on?





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