Oops! Zhe Did it Again: Trans Wacko Planned Another School Shooting

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"Tolerance" of transgender people is easy when they aren't shooting kids.

An 18-year-old woman named Andrea Ye, who pretends to be a dude and goes by Alex, was arrested for planning to shoot up a school in Montgomery County, MD.


FACT-O-RAMA! Montgomery County arrested nine sex offenders in just a few months after declaring themselves a "sanctuary county" back in 2019.

Whereas I do not care if a man lives as a woman, I can not condone calling a "she" a "he," especially since gender dysphoria is a mental illness and roughly 42% of the afflicted will attempt suicide. Sadly, I am not alone. Check this out:

"Ye was taken into custody and charged with threats of mass violence," read the statement from the Montgomery County Police Dept. "He is currently being held at the Montgomery County Central Processing Unit where he awaits a bond hearing." I added the bold type.

The would-be murderess is a woman who wants to believe she is a man. I refuse to call a "she " a "he."

As expected, the almost-but-not-quite killer wrote a manifesto, because much of the trans community requires attention. Andreas Ye's manifesto includes the following;

I want to shoot up my school. I've been preparing for it for the past few months. As I sit in front of my dad's gun case and stare at the sleek, black gun inside, all I can think about is my finger on the trigger, taking aim, and killing people. The gun is an AR-15 style semi-automatic rifle. It's the kind of gun with a long barrel and a stock you put up against your shoulder. The gun is going to change lives tomorrow.

Ye was just getting started. Check this out:

Though I enjoy the hunting aspect of guns, I have contemplated making bombs. The instructions to make them are surprisingly available online. I could build one with a pressure cooker and remote control car. Or I could make chemical weapons through mixing ammonia and bleach. The problem with that is that it would require a gas mask and bombs are time consuming to build.


So Ye couldn't be bothered to buy a mask and spend some time building a bomb to slaughter kids. Thank God.

As expected, Ye is a self-centered maniac who feels "victimized" and believes killing small kids it acceptable.

More from Ye:

I have also considered shooting up my former elementary school because little kids make easier targets. And, I run the risk of getting attacked or tackled midway through with high schoolers. I also hated elementary school. The teachers were evil and the other students were little assholes. I always got in trouble and had to sit out during recess. The other kids would pretend to be my friends but make fun of me to my face. It would be the perfect revenge.

For those of you who read my articles, you will understand that I am a former liberal, but I can not, and would never, condone these beliefs.

Ye's victimy BS is a joke. The left sells victimhood, even to the privileged, and I find it nauseating.

Like most trans folks, Ye just wants attention:

High school's the best target. I'm the most familiar with the layout, I know where the doors with windows are, and it's the most convenient to enter. Truthfully, I would rather become a serial killer than a mass shooter. Serial killers are romanticized a lot more.
They get tons of love letters and Netflix documentaries about them. Mass shooters are brushed off unless they are truly unique or good-looking.

You will understand that I am sick and tired of attention-starved murderous people, trans or otherwise.

If you need more proof that Ye is an attention-hungry narcissist, read this:


I pace around my room like an evil mastermind. I've put so much effort into this, it has to go well. I don't bother posting any cheesy "Don't go to school tomorrow if you value your life" posts for my hundred or so Instagram followers. The last thing I want is to get reported and get a SWAT team sent to my home. I picture the news stories. Deranged killer slays 17. There were no signs, says family and school. Twenty dead, fifteen injured at Rockville school. I plan on shooting myself once the police get there, so I will never be able to see the news stories. I am pretty scared. What if I fail at killing myself and live the rest of my life disabled and serving a life sentence? Maryland doesn't even have the death penalty, which would be preferable in my opinion

Fortunately, Ye is not a "mastermind." 

Ye, gleefully, killed no one. Her demented narcissism was her downfall. 

Most blessedly, Ye will never spend a minute gloating about her failed plans. 

God bless law enforcement. Children will not die at the Rockville school any time soon.


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