Mother Moves Son to CA for Chemical Castration

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Anne Georgulas likely won't be nominated for mother-of-the-year.

Georgulas, now divorced from her husband Jeff Younger, is doing everything she can to chemically castrate her 11-year-old son, whom she claims is a girl, despite the protestations of Younger, the boy's dad.

The legal battle to mutilate the boy began in Texas.

After divorcing, Georgulas moved to California with the couple's kids in order to take advantage of the state's eagerness to "trans" kids, according to Younger. Younger has been trying to get custody of them and move them back to Texas where mangling a child's genitalia is illegal. Younger petitioned Texas' Supreme Court to have the kids brought back but was shot down.

FACT-O-RAMA! California is a "sanctuary state" for children who believe they want to disfigure themselves, however, one must be 18 years old to buy firecrackers.

“My case is proof that the statutory design of the Texas Family Courts is abusive of the liberty of Texas citizens," Younger texted to "The family courts are a clear and present danger to the welfare of Texas children. Judge ‘Bloody’ Mary Brown, 301st District Court, stripped me of parental rights without possibility of appeal, just because I want to raise my son as a boy."


The Texas Supreme Court claims that it rejected Younger's petition to have his kids returned to Texas because a previous Texas court stated Georgulas couldn't neuter her son without permission from the boy's father.

Younger fears that his son will be chemically ginsu-ed now that his mother has whisked him away to the trans ghouls in California.

Georgulas is now petitioning a California court to vandalize her son's body without the father's permission.

MUNCHAUSEN BY PROXY-O-RAMA! Another commie mommy lost custody of her four kids after trying to "trans" her three-year-old son.

The odds that the young boy will be spared from the mother's desperate need to parade a "transgender child" like a Prada bag are not good.

California is allowing so-called "transgender experts" to testify in the April 25 hearing. The boy's father, however, will not be allowed to have his say.

This insanity is the latest broadside against traditional family values and blatant decency.

A religious couple in Indiana lost their son to their state when they refused to deny science and let their son live as a girl. In that case, the boy was taken from his parents and placed into foster care until he aged out.


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Transgenderism, or gender dysphoria, is a mental health issue, as is Munchausen Syndrome by proxy

A recent study shows that suicide attempt rates for transgender people doubled after gender reassignment surgeries, yet the trans bugbears, especially in our nation's large blue cities can't wait to to maul kids in the name of cultural Marxism.


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