Four Important Election Day Wins the Media Doesn't Want You to Know About—the Last Will Make You Cheer

David Molnar/The Republican via AP

We woke up to two different news opinions today. One was of doom and gloom. The other involved victory laps taken by Pravda press quislings who foolishly believe — or want you to believe — that Tuesday was a harbinger for the 2024 election. Some dolts went so far as to blame Trump for Republican losses.


What most of the mainstream media toadies "forgot" to mention was a number of victories that tell a different story.

Here is a list of Ws for Team America and what they mean for the foreseeable future.

Battleground: Carmel, Ind.

Republican Sue Finkam walloped her Democratic opponent and fellow city councilperson (I don't want to assume gender), Miles Nelson, to become the new mayor of Carmel, Ind., by a vote of 56.6% to 42.2%.

Why haven't you heard about this? Because it's a beesting in the nostril for the Stalinistas in the far-left news world. Finkam's voters refused to be baited into believing she is a Nazi.

The Indiana chapter of "Moms for Liberty" used a Hitler quote to rally their troops, but not in the way the pinkos tried to trick people into believing they meant it.

“He alone, who OWNS the youth, GAINS the future," the group stated in a newsletter. Moms for Liberty didn't use it as a rallying cry but as a warning, yet the harpies in the duplicitous news world tried to turn Moms for Liberty into Nazi sympathizers. It didn't work. When the news harridans pressed Finkam to denounce Moms for Liberty, she refused to take the bait.

Today, liberal kvetchers are screaming that Finkam won, with headlines like the AP's "Candidate who wouldn't denounce Moms for Liberty chapter after Hitler quote wins Indiana mayor race."

FACT-O-RAMA! Liberal jackpuddings who tried to paint Moms for Liberty as "Nazis" are now siding with Democrats who support Hamas after their savage attack on Israel.


Finkam's victory isn't just a gain for the people of Carmel, it's a punch in the nose to Mao-Mao bootlicking journos who can't stand to see a Republican just say no to apparatchik propaganda.

Battleground: Suffolk County, Long Island, N.Y.

Suffolk County, N.Y., is the most populous county in the state outside of New York City's two counties.

Ed Romaine, the GOP candidate for Suffolk County Executive, clown-slapped his Democrat opponent 57% to 42% to become the first Elephant elected to that office in 20 years. 

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Suffolk County Republicans now control both the County Clerk's and Comptroller's offices and snagged two more seats in the Legislature they already controlled. Long Island, from the border of Queens and Nassau County (which voted for Hillary in 2016) to Montauk, is now blood-red in a state known as a liberal stronghold. The Republicans also control all the countywide seats in both Long Island counties, Suffolk and Nassau, as well as all four Congressional seats and the District Attorneys' offices. Democrats holding office on Long Island are now as rare as a sober Pelosi.

Battleground: Mississippi

Incumbent Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves beat Brandon Presley (yes, a second cousin of Elvis) to keep Mississippi in the GOP's hands.

KING-O-RAMA! Elvis was born in Tupelo, Miss. It is easy to see how Brandon Presley could have won decades ago but most voters under 50 years of age are not likely to care about the DNA Brandon shares with the King.


This one hurts the leftoids because they really wanted to see a Republican stronghold go to the Democrats and pretend *President Joe Biden isn't the one-ton anchor around the neck of the party. Not today, commie, not today.

Battleground: Michigan

In one of the most notable victories for Americans nationwide, Michigan voters recalled all five remaining members of the Green Charter Township City Council — and the town supervisor — who happily agreed to throw mad stacks at a communist company looking to build a battery factory in their backyard. Two other members saw the writing on the wall and resigned before being ousted on election day.

Not only did Green Charter Township citizens kill off the entire group of apparatchiks on their city council, but the towns of Eagle Township and Big Rapids hoisted their commie-hugging town supervisors as well.

Jason Kruse, the new Green Charter Township supervisor, is also the head honcho of Mecosta Environmental and Security Alliance, a group formed specifically to boot the commie company, Gotion, out of Michigan.

PINKO-RAMA! Michigan's bolshie governor, Gretchen Whitmer, offered the Chinese communist company $700 million in tax breaks and abatements. Local voters cleaned house!


"These resoundingly successful recalls and referendums send a clear message to Michigan’s legislators, public-private economic development corporations, and Whitmer -  stop forcing toxic developments onto Michigan residents, or your political career is over," exclaimed Marjorie Steele, the founder of Economic Development Responsibility Alliance of Michigan.

Kicking commies out of Michigan sends a message that can't be ignored. Grassroots American voters have had enough of the Democrats' wretched bromance with the communists looking to enslave us.

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This victory in Michigan can't over-celebrated. It's a wake-up call and a much-needed win that tells us We the People are waking up and won't tolerate the Commicrats in our midst.


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