Tucker Throws Haymakers at the Regime at Turning Point Conference

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Tucker Carlson, in a speech at the annual Turning Point Action conference that was held last weekend, continued his scorched-earth policy on D.C vermin and cluster-bombed the American politburo.


Three minutes into his remarks, Carlson mentioned “savaging Mike Pence” — to a boom of approval. It was a reference to Pence’s now infamous “that’s not my concern” response to Tucker’s suggestion that we should spend money on U.S. cities and not Ukraine.

Then the former Fox giant got down to business.

“If you want to know what really, really matters to them [the “system”], and to you, and to the future of the country, consider the things that you are not allowed to say,” Carlson told his audience.

The three things Tucker claims We the People are verboten to speak of are the war in Ukraine, COVID-19, and January 6.

Here is a Cliff Notes version of Carlson’s roughly 40-minute speech.


Carlson discussed the “moral outlaws” during the COVID era — the “people who didn’t kind of play along” with the COVID codswallop.

He spoke of how “the government, the entire media, and even churches” were pushing the “rules” of COVID, and those Americans who questioned the narrative were told to shut up. No discussion allowed.

“If you are a good person, you will follow those rules. You will mask, you will separate, you will stay at home. Take our shot — we have no idea what’s in it, we don’t know its long-term effect, but shut up. This is a moral test and if you want to pass, you will obey.”


Those who refused to bend their knees and raise their sleeves were considered “moral criminals, outlaws,” Tucker continued.

War in Ukraine

Carlson mentioned that no Americans have been killed by Russia but roughly 100,000 Americans — two of whom he knew well — are slaughtered every year by Chinese fentanyl. Yet we are supposed to be angry at Russia, hate them, and support the new forever war in Ukraine. He also spoke of how those who dare question the war are “accused of disloyalty.”

“No one is allowed to force you to be mad at someone else,” he quipped.

Carlson discussed how the U.S. is “sending cluster bombs to a government that’s imprisoning Christians and stealing the money.” Blessedly, he even hammered the Republicans who signed on to do so.

Again, those who question support for Ukraine and don’t hate Russia are scorned.

January 6

Carlson spoke of how January 6 was first regarded as a “racist insurrection.” He is spot-on.

The Communist News Network (CNN) seemingly worked overtime to convince their dozens of viewers that drooling rednecks bedecked in Confederate flag capes swarmed the Capitol, firing their muskets and belching rebel yells.

FACT-O-RAMA! During the Civil War, the “rebel yell” was a shriek Confederate soldiers would bellow out before a charge to scare Union Soldiers. You can hear Civil War veterans whoop it up here.

Carlson said he regarded January 6 as “angry people who thought the election was stolen from them, who, who appropriately went to confront the people they thought stole it. So, like George Floyd gets killed and they loot Foot Locker. What did Foot Locker have to do with it?” He believes the protesters did the right thing. They took their grievance to the Capitol and didn’t “loot a liquor store.”


He jokingly referred to January 6 as the “second 9/11-Pearl Harbor.” He described J6-ers as “grandmas with diabetes and a lot of debt” and “the least powerful people” in the nation. “In fact, The people at the Capitol on January 6 are exactly the ones who most want to believe in our elections. They’re the ones that carry the pocket Constitution,” Carlson declared.

Then he went on to say how, as with COVID and the war in Ukraine, there was never a national conversation about January 6.


“We never had any conversation about that, [January 6]. In fact, anyone who tried was de-platformed, de-banked, basically hounded out of public life in America. Bankrupted. In a lot of cases, put in jail.”

A woman in the audience yelled, “Fired!”

“Fired. Yeah, fired — pretty funny (insert Tucker laugh)” Carlson added as the crowd went crazy.

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Carlson’s speech was full of Churchillian one-liners:

“No one is punished for lying, People are only punished for telling the truth”

“Any country that doesn’t allow a free discussion of the process by which its leaders are elected is not a democracy by definition. A country without free speech is not a democracy.” He added, “You can’t have a dinner party without dinner. You can’t have a democracy without free speech, period.”


Tucker wrapped up by referring to how the Democrats push flapdoodle that none of them truly believe — except for perhaps AOC — including the “Mt. Everest of lunacy: men can breastfeed.”

Tucker suggested the people who push this nonsense don’t believe such things; they push it because they want us distracted.

Why would they want us distracted?  As Tucker put it, “Actually, they’re looting the country.”

You can watch Carlson’s full brilliant speech here.



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