Tell Me Teacher-Groomers Aren't Real: Degenerate Teacher's Aide Arrested for Licking the Feet of a Seven-Year-Old

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Caurey Rollins, 25, a teacher’s aide/animal in Georgia, was arrested last week for licking the feet of a seven-year-old child at a trampoline park.

Rollins was charged with non-aggravated child molestation. The grotesque incident occurred in January. Rollins was arrested and charged last week.


Rollins allegedly approached the child and started tickling the child’s feet. He then asked the youngster to remove his socks and began to lick the victim’s toes.

Where was the adult supposedly watching the child?

“The pattern of predators. They find a way, they will revolve their whole life around their fantasy,”  the victim’s guardian says, Caitlin Phillips, told local reporters.

The guardian was not with the child when the vile chuff approached the victim. He was hanging out with a friend and that friend’s guardian.

When talking with police, Rollins claimed he was at the Urban Air Adventure Park hanging out with family. That turned out to be a lie.

CREEP-O-RAMA! Roughly 350 teachers were arrested in 2022 for sex crimes involving kids. Almost 75% of the crimes involved the teachers’ students.

The assault took place as the victim was playing in a fenced-in portion of the park and was not a school-related trip.

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Rollins has since resigned from Glenn Hills Elementary in Richmond City, Ga., where he worked as a physical education paraprofessional.

This comes after a yet-unknown school official on Long Island sent an explicit sex survey to 15 to 16-year-old students asking them what kind of sexual behavior they have engaged in and how many partners they’ve had.

Also, parents around the nation have taken offense to books in their kids’ school libraries, some of which have graphic descriptions of pedophilia.

At least one parent who spoke out against pornography in schools was placed on an airline watch list.

Here is a very graphic reading of a school book involving sex with children.

This is what we are up against. The schools are full of pedophiles, and the left is trying to pretend that it’s normal.



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