Watch: White Man Chokes Black Female Zeldin Supporter, Doesn't Face Charges

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President Joe “showered with his daughter Ashley” Biden likes to whine that MAGA Republicans are “semi-fascists” and “threats to democracy.’ But we all know the left accuses us of whatever skullduggery they are up to.


A black woman showed up to protest at a rally for incumbent Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul in Manhattan on Saturday, only to get choked by a white man. The video doesn’t show how the melee began but clearly shows a large, white man assaulting and choking a black woman who is supporting Republican N.Y. gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin.

Hochul appears to have cheered on the assault from the stage. “You can deny science. You can deny those who seek to vote! You can deny an election like those individuals,” Hochul screeched from the stage, referring to the counter-protesters, one of whom was being assaulted. “And we say, ‘hell no!'”

The woman was walked to an ambulance for medical treatment. Appallingly, the man was not arrested.

FACT-O-RAMA! NYC was happy to unite and identify “Central Park Karen” when she responded fearfully to a black man who had threatened her dog. The woman was fired from her job. Let’s see if New Yorkers are as eager to identify the white man who choked a black woman over her political beliefs.

Here is a closer look. Hopefully, New Yorkers are truly opposed to violent racism and identify this miscreant.


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Despite Biden’s attempts to convince us that a lunatic with a pride flag in front of his home and a BLM sign in his window is a “MAGA extremist” who wanted to kill Paul Pelosi, most if not all of the political violence seems to be coming from the party of “tolerance.”

Recent Violence

While the jury is still out on what might have provoked the attack on Paul Pelosi, we’ve seen a spate of violence against conservatives, none of which Biden has addressed:

  • Cayler Ellingson, 18, was run over and killed after a political argument. The man accused of killing Ellingson claimed Ellingson was part of a “Republican extremist” group, though police found no evidence of this. This murder took place just weeks after Biden’s creepy, Stalin-like speech in Philadelphia.
  • A man with a bladed weapon jumped on stage and attacked Lee Zeldin as he was giving a speech.
  • Ariz. gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake had to close her campaign headquarters after two envelopes of white powder showed up.
  • An 84-year-old pro-life canvasser was shot in the back after a political argument.
  • A bullet was fired into the home of N.C. House candidate Pat Harrington’s parents, where Harrington’s kids were sleeping.

FACT-O-RAMA! Biden did not visit Waukesha, Wisc., after a black supremacist ran over 67 white people, committing the worst act of domestic terrorism in years. But he did find time to call Kyle Rittenhouse a “white supremacist” after the teen defended himself against three white people who attacked him during an Antifa/BLM riot.


We can’t blame Biden for zipping his mouth about violence against conservatives. He and the Democrats have been trying fruitlessly to convince the nation that MAGA Republicans are the problem, despite the mountain of evidence suggesting otherwise.

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Why wouldn’t liberals attack conservatives? We watched Antifa and BLM sally-Bois burn the country with near impunity. Almost half the arrestees had their federal charges dropped, compliments of “blue-collar” Joe Biden. What do the Marxists have to lose at this point?



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