'Rape Nazis' Will Exploit Dobbs Decision and Re-Populate Nation with White People, Claims MSNBC Doomsday Nutter

(New York City Municipal Archives via AP)

Lefty wack jobs have two topics they love to hyper-focus on: the Dobbs v. Jackson decision that overturned Roe v. Wade and white supremacy. Now, like the invention of the peanut butter cup, a far-left wackadoodle has found a way to combine her two favorite fits of rage into one dee-licious MSNBC op-ed. White supremacists will use the overturned Roe v. Wade decision to rape white women and increase the nation’s white population, claims the author.


Now is a good time to remind you that the worst domestic terror attack of 2021 was committed by black nationalist Darryl Brooks, Jr., who ran over almost 70 white people at a Waukesha, Wisc., Christmas parade. MSNBC called it an “accident.”

I won’t name the author, but I have written about her before. She teaches at the commie training camp known as American University. The last time I mentioned her, she was screaming that white supremacy groups were using gyms to recruit new members.

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The only thing sicker than the author’s creepy obsession with the nation’s dwindling supply of white supremacists is her (I’m assuming gender here) hilarious attempt to link it to a plan for Nazis to use the Dobbs decision to rape their way into breeding a master race. Her article, “How the loss of Roe directly serves white supremacists’ horrifying plot,” reads like a bad pulp fiction book from the ’60s. It starts with this rapey doomsday line: “With Roe dead, the layers of danger in a white supremacist plot to forcibly increase white birth rates are hard to overestimate.”

NATIONALISTS-O-RAMA! Two black nationalist groups were recently implicated for working with Russia to foment dissension in the United States.

It’s actually quite easy to estimate the veracity of this codswallop because the author’s entire premise rides on the hogwash of one utterly crazy man named Matthew Belanger and an unknown but likely tiny number of “Rapekrieg” associates. This handful of wackos is obsessed with raping minorities to scare them and raping white women to populate the nation, if not the world, with Caucasians.


FACT-O-RAMA! Belanger’s rape spree was planned before the Supreme Court threw the abortion decision back to the states.

There is no denying that Belanger is warped, and jail is where he belongs. (He is currently being held without bail for trying to buy two guns through a straw man.) Like all nutjobs, he has a “manifesto” showing us he is obsessed with raping almost everyone, but for different reasons.

Belanger’s crazy manifesto includes, but is not limited to, the following madness:

  • “To be successful in this battle, the white man must learn to hate, seeing red the moment he lays eyes on a member of the race that has inflicted unspeakable horrors onto his people.”
  • “Rape, for example, is an extremely effective tool against our many foes, as its verbal use as a threat or direct use against an individual greatly reduces enemy morale and strikes a nameless fear in their hearts. While this is especially effective against females, the emasculated cesspool of progressive males is just as affected, being inherently effeminate themselves.”
  • “When the Jew is finally threatened with its end, these females will remain in their brainwashed state. During the collapse, we will bypass their now useless ideals and breed them.”

FACT-O-RAMA! Court documents also mention that Belanger has an “uncharged co-conspirator” — which frequently stands for “FBI informant” — meaning the “Rapekrieg” gang might have been infiltrated by law enforcement. If it’s anything like the Michigan fednapping flapdoodle, almost the entire group could be feds.


Belanger is nuttier than squirrel droppings, but so is the MSNBC author who is trying to rile up the left with hallucinatory warnings of gangs of rape Nazis violating their way across the nation in a sci-fi-worthy attempt to increase the white population.

GIVE IT UP ALREADY-O-RAMA! Holy steak tips, Batman! Even eating meat is a sign of white supremacy to these chowderheads!

The MSNBC space opera article hits key buzz words like “forced pregnancy” and “male supremacy.” It tries desperately to make us believe white supremacists are everywhere, urging other white people to restock the white race. The op-ed also mentions one wacky woman’s 2017 “white baby challenge,” where she urged other white women to follow her lead and have six babies.

FACT-O-RAMA! There are so few actual white supremacists in the United States that the FBI was recently caught red-handed broadening the parameters of what a “domestic violent extremist” is to inflate their numbers.

Remember when the libs recruited a black man to pose as a white supremacist? Good times!

Near the end of the farcical applesauce, the author finally uses the word she should have started with: “fringe.”

“Groups like Rapekrieg are fringe extremists whose violent plots clearly constitute terrorist action,” the author blathers. “But in a post-Roe world, a plot to force women to become pregnant, however fringe it might be, takes on a whole new meaning.”


Does it? Or is the author just trying to sell more copies of her book on — you got it — white supremacy? Or is she just dutifully pushing the myth of widespread “white supremacy” like the rest of the lying left? Either way, the article is a laughable and embarrassing attempt to scare the victimy leftists it was written for. Keep in mind, she’s a teacher and an author, which means the left takes zir and zir tommyrot seriously.


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