BLM-Themed Groups Are Still Getting Paid Not to Burn Madison, Wisconsin

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The 2020 “Summer of Love” was a tough one for Madison, Wisconsin. The violent leftist group BLM and its non-binary, gender-questioning sibling, Antifa, were burning, looting, vandalizing, and extorting in the name of saintly George Floyd. One of the leading BLM spinoff organizations contributing to the carnage was a group called “Urban Triage” operated by Brandi Grayson.


The MacIver Institute is reporting that Brandi isn’t a fine girl. She’s a big believer in defunding the cops and removing police officers from schools (never mind those mass shootings). Grayson also believes violence is the way to get what you want in life, or at least in Wisconsin. It turns out she’s right.

In this MacIver Institute video, Grayson and other Madison “revolutionaries” whine about the same hackneyed buzz words we’ve heard a million times — white supremacy, capitalism, the patriarchy. You get the point. Some of them say looting is cool. And, of course, they want prisons closed down.

But Grayson’s real talent lies in organizing large groups of people who are occasionally down for some violence. Grayson is so good at it that the city of Madison is paying her and other groups to stay home and chill.

FACT-O-RAMA! An October 2020 puff piece on claims Grayson’s protests have all “concluded peacefully.” You’re about to see that’s a lie. The article also mentions that Grayson employs a nanny. Cha-ching!


The Dane County Sherrif called on Grayson and her fellow inciter from the group Freedom Inc.—which was already receiving taxpayer money—to condemn the violence you just watched. Their answer? Nah. Why shake the hand that feeds you when it’s more lucrative to bite it? In fact, that was a good time to ramp it up.


CHEDDAR-O-RAMA! Urban Triage claims that since February of 2021 they’ve shelled out $5.3 million in taxpayer money. Dane County gave them $12.5 million (cha-CHING) to help people pay their rent and agreed that Urban Triage would keep $1.6 million for “administrative costs.” But Urban Triage decided $1.96 sounded better and kept that, then asked for donations to make up the difference. Urban Triage then used unpaid volunteers to run the rental assistance office, which is rarely open.

Though the riots have been over for two years, Public Health Madison Dane County (PHMDC) recently coughed up even more dough for the town’s favorite subversives.

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PHMDC not only decided to continue to pay Urban Triage and four other groups of agitators an additional $300,000 last month to smoke the peace pipe (again, the riots are over), they were downright giddy about it. Throwing more cheddar at the anarchists devastating their once peaceful town makes leftists happy. Check out last month’s press release from Aurielle Smith, their director of Policy, Planning, and Evaluation,


We’re so happy to be giving this money to these organizations who know our community best. The work of reducing violence cannot be done alone. We need to leverage the expertise and experiences of partners across sectors to get it done. Providing financial support to help them in their work is one way to jump start that process.

PHMDC calls it the “Roadmap to Reducing Violence.” Most people call it paying thugs not to burn down Madison anymore.


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