Do we 'Say Gay' or Not, Libs? Otherwise, Someone Please tell the Monkeypoxxers to Keep Their Pants on for a Week

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It seems like just last month the left lost their pea pods over what they erroneously deemed Ron Desantis’ “Don’t Say Gay” law. The law never uses the word “gay” nor does it say you can’t say “gay.” It just prevents teachers from assailing kids from kindergarten through third grade with anything regarding sex or gender.


But more importantly, the left decided they were going to say gay, a lot.

Now that monkeypox is ravaging the loins of the nation’s gay male population, the left isn’t so keen on using the word “gay.” Nor are they cool with the words “bisexual men,” some of whom also seem to have a monkey on their back. Why? Because 99.999995786% of everyone coming down with monkeypox are gay or bisexual men.

Suddenly, saying “gay” now makes us “homophobic.”

Today, you are likely hearing that monkeypox seems to only affect “men who have sex with men.” That would be gay and bisexual dudes. Also, monkeypox is almost NEVER lethal. Keep that in mind then the Democrats try to use monkeypox to force absentee voting in November.


Not only are we not allowed to say gay now, but as you can see in the above tweet by CA State Senator Scott Weiner, we are also not allowed to ask gay and bisexual men sex who have sex with gay and bisexual men to keep their pants on and their hands off of gay and bisexual men for while. So, draconian COVID lockdowns over a virus that 98.9% of Americans would survive was ok but asking the jolly ranchers to keep the sheep in the pen for a few weeks is verboten?

Check out this tweet below. This guy gets it.

FACT-O-RAMA! Johns Hopkins University claims 98.9% of Americans who contract the Bat-stew Flu will survive, however, these numbers do not count all the people who tested positive at home and didn’t alert the feds that they were sick, nor does it count the kids who contracted the Hong Kong Fluey but never knew because they were asymptomatic.

If you read my column you know I’m engaged to a Puerto Rican, bisexual Trump-loving breakfast taco. Our escapades involve bisexual women. I’m proud to say none of us have come down with monkeypox, chimpitis, gorilla-goo, baboon-butt, or a scorching case of King Konga Wonga.


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However, if a sexually transmitted disease were to decimate our nation’s hot, bi chicks, I will be the first to take a break to stop the spread of whatever malady attacks our saucy, switch-hitters. I will bite the bullet and have relations with only one woman at a time for a few weeks as we let the purge pass. No need to thank me America, I’m here for you. WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER.


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