The Left Is on the Ropes. Will Republicans Knock Them Out?

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The left has created a mess for itself. Now is the time for Republicans to fight like they actually want to win. Good luck.


The left has two Achille’s heels. The first is their Jehovah’s Witness-like dedication to all things trans. In the world of the leftist, a man can don a pair of panties and box a female competitor into a coma. The left considers this “progress” and will congratulate that ill man for cracking a woman’s skull in the ring. I consider it assault.

Women suffragettes fought for the right to vote. Another generation battled for fair pay. Today, a man in a dress gets way more love from the left than any real woman ever has. The left throws women under the bus to bear-hug a dude in pigtails, and that SHOULD cost the Democrats female votes.

I remember when a man breaking a woman’s skull made him a monster. Today, the left calls it bravery.

Sports dope Cyd Zeigler called Fallon Fox (who is a dude) the ‘bravest athlete in history’ for beating up a woman. When I was a kid we would have called him a sissy and punched him out.

Who remembers one of our nation’s most embarrassing cultural low points, when the human guano bag “celebrity” Joey Buttafuoco beat the snot out of female boxer Joanie Laurer? Did that make him the “bravest pedophile miscreant” ever seen?


My favorite form of “woke” entertainment is when an attention-starved trans person tries to get a Brazilian wax (waxing off crotch hair) and screams victim when he realizes no one wants to touch his lady-nuts.

Trans beast Jessica Yaniv, who could use a salad more than a waxing, lost a lawsuit against five estheticians who refused to wax his frank and beans. Notice how England’s news outlet, The Sun, refers to “her scrotum” in this article. That’s where we are folks, an article about “her scrotum.”

The judge in the case clown-slapped Mr. Yaniv and ordered him to pay $2,000 to three of the defendants due to his shifty behavior while trying to get a waxing.

Another trans freakshow tried to sue a salon for $50,000, claiming “immense harm to my dignity” when a Muslim woman said her religion does not allow her to touch a man’s junk unless they are married. Poor lamb. Funny how his “dignity” isn’t hurt by the fact that he is a man pretending to be a woman, but his feelings were hurt when a Muslim woman wouldn’t let the dude’s hairy reality flop between her fingers.

Good. Women have the right to not fondle a crazy man’s genitals. Women swimmers have the right not to compete against men, and female boxers have the right to not get their skulls broken by a dude. Well, not according to the left. They applaud such grotesquery. This is why Republicans should pounce NOW.


There has never been a better time to steal women’s support for the party. Nor has it been easier. All the Republicans have to do is say, “I support the rights of women to not have their skulls broken, trophies stolen, and opportunities robbed by men in dresses.” Easy-peasy.

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The left’s other Achille’s heel is their attempts to sexualize kids and make pedophilia “normal.” I’ve never seen a more clear-cut case of “us against them.” If you want someone else’s kids sexualized in any manner, you are a pedophile, or you are trying to normalize pedophilia. It’s just that simple. The Republicans have the high ground here and should be attacking the left every day on this issue.

Feckless Republicans need to get over their “we take the high road” stance and actually fight like they mean it. I assure you, the Marxists are doing just that.

In other news, we now know what we already knew, that Hunter Biden’s laptop full of sex tapes, possibly with minors, tapes of him smoking crack, and emails discussing “10% for the big guy” isn’t Russian malarkey. It’s Hunter’s business as usual.

The Republicans need to make this and the denial of left-leaning toadies who claimed it was “Russian disinformation” (especially the know-nothings in the intel world) a huge deal. The Bidens’ are filthy, and the swamp covered for them. They are now all caught in the same net. Unfortunately for us, sackless wonders like Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Mitt Romney (R-Utah) are the fishermen.


We can expect Republican brawlers like Reps. Marjorie Taylor-Greene (R-Ga.) and Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) to take up this fight, but what we could REALLY use now is some help from the Senate. Conservative senators should pounce on the Democrats’ throats. This is HUGE. This is the biggest scandal since Democrats tried normalizing pedophilia just three short paragraphs ago.

All of these examples of lefty nonsense need to be front and center as we approach the midterms. The Republicans need to spell it out to voters: their choices are between the party that throws women under the bus to support men in dresses, endorses pedophilia, and allows the Bidens to sell influence and the party that doesn’t.


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