3 Glorious Reasons to Drink on St. Patrick's Day


Happy St. Paddy’s Day to everyone reading this. If you aren’t Irish, it doesn’t matter. You’ll want to raise a glass to some of the lefty nonsense in the news today. I love to hoist a whisky whenever the bolshies take a black eye, and today has brought us several.


For starters, let’s keep it Irish.

As Ukraine fights for its very existence, U2’s desperate-to-stay-relevant singer Bono has graciously written a limerick about Ukraine’s struggles. And despite the war, brutal gas prices, and inflation that will soon all have us eating Gravy Train, Nancy Pelosi teases/threatens Congress, and us, to a reading of Bono’s poem. For what it’s worth, Madam Pelosi has shown no interest in reading MY rhyme, “There Once Was a Speaker from Nantucket.”

Though no one at the luncheon looks interested in Bono’s poem, as they likely don’t know who he is, Pelosi reminds them that, “whether we are in Ireland or here, or whatever it is, Bono has been a very Irish part of our lives.” I don’t know what that means. I’m guessing Nancy hit the Tullamore Dew early. The best part is when the audio engineer cuts out the noise of everyone eating and ignoring the poem.

The poem could put a cup of coffee to sleep. Afterward, “Riverdance” does some damn fine clogging which is only interesting if you’re in the front row and can see their feet move. Otherwise, cloggers, from the waist up, are statues. Mad bomb shouts to “Riverdance” for finding the one black African-Irelander clogger on the Emerald Isle.


One of TV’s most intimate bromances, the love between CNN’s Don Lemon and the now unemployed Chris “Fredo” Cuomo, seems destined for a breakup.

Fredo is suing his former employer, CNN, for mad stacks, yo, and doesn’t mind tossing Lemon under the bus to get it.

From the suit:

CNN anchor Don Lemon was widely criticized for a flagrant breach of journalistic ethics when actor Jussie Smollett testified at trial that Lemon had texted him to warn him that Chicago police did not believe Smollett’s allegations of suffering a racist, homophobic attack. Lemon had covered Smollett’s accusations and his subsequent investigation and prosecution, so intervening in the ongoing investigation by texting Smollett was an inexcusable breach of ethics. Yet CNN did nothing; Lemon was not disciplined in any way.

Cuomo also goes after the perfectly named Jeffrey Toobin, who famously flogged his Molly on a Zoom call,

“Similarly in October 2020, CNN’s chief political analyst, Jeffrey Toobin, was suspended and fired by The New Yorker, where he also served as a staff writer, after he masturbated while on a video call with colleagues. Despite this sordid act of sexual harassment, CNN took no disciplinary action against Toobin; instead, CNN permitted Toobin to take a seven-month “hiatus” to “deal with a personal issue.” CNN later allowed Toobin to return to work without even issuing a public apology.


Cuomo is seeking $125 million which, if you ask me, is a bargain price to make him go away forever.

The New York Times has admitted what thinking people have known, and Marxist news media and Facebook stinktards have denied for 17 months: Hunter Biden’s laptop is real. The commies swore that the contents of the laptop, including Hunter smoking crack and wagging his shillelagh at Russian bawdy-lasses, was nothing more than Putin’s malarkey.

The truly beautiful parts of Hunter’s laptop are the pieces that could send the Bidens to jail since Hunter Biden used his daddy’s influence to rake in millions of dollars.

It also mentions Hunter’s former business partner, Devon Archer, who was just sentenced to a year in jail for fraud and is rumored to be singing like an Irish tenor.

It’s getting harder and harder for the left to protect the Biden crime family. Let the truth be known and the real snakes chased from the land.

Twitter kicked the New York Post off of their site temporarily for posting the story, claiming it was “unsubstantiated.” Lesley Stahl refused to discuss it with President Trump. Now, well after the election, yet another “conspiracy theory” has turned out to be real. The American Pravda news sources did everything they could to hide the truth from the nation.


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If these happy stories of lefty pain can’t induce you to drink whiskey from the jar, I don’t know what will.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone, and happy birthday to my brother!

Here is what my holiday looks like!

Photo by Kevin Downey, Jr.




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