Put a Fork in Seattle

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When Detroiters are laughing at your city, you know you’ve made a mistake.

I grew up in the Motor City and I have no sympathy for what used to be Seattle. Detroit’s death was drawn out over years and involved a perfect storm of nonsense, including foolish decisions by auto execs, stupid import/export laws, and a corrupt mayor named Coleman A. Young. Detroit languished. Seattle was executed.


Hundreds of local Seattle businesses are leaving, and Seattle residents have no one to blame except  voters and the communists they’ve elected.

FACT-O-RAMA! Commies do not make things better, ever. You can’t point to a pinko success story. Don’t pretend Seattle voters had no idea what was going to happen. They killed a once-great city. They need to own it and tell their kids what they did to their home town.

July 7, 2020–11 Weeks Into the “Pandemic” and Six Weeks into the George Floyd Riots

The City Council of Seattle, like the obedient commies they are, voted to tax businesses even more than usual. This was at a time when businesses were struggling from COVID-19 lockdowns and BLM and their spinster sisters in Antifa were gutting the city. The “CHOP” or “CHAZ” commie central zone had been established for one month.  A $1 billion business owner described both San Francisco and Seattle as “some of the worst places to raise a family, practice a faith, or even think freely. This hurts my team and the business.” He moved his company to Texas.

Soon to be humiliated CNN news anchor Chris Cuomo asked Seattle’s Marxist mayor, Jenny Durkan, how long the commie occupation would last. Her response was to call the occupation a “Summer of Love.”

We’ve got four blocks in Seattle that you just saw pictures of that is more like a block party atmosphere. It’s not an armed takeover. It’s not a military junta. We will make sure that we can restore this. But we have block parties and the like in this part of Seattle all the time. It’s known for that. So, I think the president, number one, there is no threat right now to the public. And we’re looking, we’re taking that very seriously. We’re meeting with businesses and residents. But what the president threatened is illegal and unconstitutional, and the fact that he can think he can just tweet that and not have ramifications is just wrong.


What could go wrong when a rapper/warlord takes over a chunk of an American city?

Before long, the “Summer of Love” turned into weeks of rape, murder, and violence. Who could have seen THAT coming?

The Seattle voters, that’s who.

August 24, 2020–18 Weeks Into the “Pandemic” and 13 Weeks After the Start of the George Floyd Riots

Between the Bat Stew Flu and chaotic crime, over 100 businesses had permanently closed in downtown Seattle. The city responded by threatening to defund the police, which would result in roughly 100 fewer cops in the now-insanely violent city. Three local businesses–Simply Seattle, Seattle E-Bike, and Steepologie Teas–bailed on Seattle amid concerns about the insane crime and the city council’s unwillingness to deal with it.

February 11, 2021–Roughly 43 weeks Into the “Pandemic” and 38 Weeks Into the George Floyd Riots

No fewer than 160 businesses had left Seattle. Some because of the Hong Kong Fluey and some because of the commie-condoned violence.

TRInternational’s CEO, Megan Gluth-Bohan, said the obvious out loud:

“Downtown started off as a vibrant place to be. Over time we became embarrassed. We had one female employee chased into a Starbucks. Business partners coming in for meetings were dodging human fecal matter and homeless people on the sidewalk. We had an employee paying for parking after work. She had her driver’s side window down working the parking machine, and someone attempted to enter her car.”


“Seattle’s problem has grown aggressive,” Gluth-Bohan continued. “It is everywhere and there does not seem to be any effort to curb it, stop it, or slow it.”

Gluth-Bohan moved her company into the next county. Syndio followed her out of town weeks later, also citing safety concerns.

June 1, 2021–15 Months Into the “Pandemic” and 13 Months After the First Geroge Floyd Riots

Geekwire.com tried to rally a return to downtown Seattle, but companies, citing crime and an explosion of homeless zombies, decide working remotely is the answer.

“We are very concerned and saddened by the growing homelessness crisis in Seattle,” declared Mary Miller, senior vice president at Amperity, a Seattle-based company.

“More work must be done to help those impacted find more permanent housing and mental health support,” Miller continued. “We recognize there is a lot of work to be done to ensure public safety so that our team members can feel confident coming downtown and commuting safely.”

March 14, 2022–Two Years Into “15 Days To Flatten the Curve”

Amazon kissed the asses of BLM. Defunding the police was “cool.” This led to skyrocketing crime in blue cities, crimes that usually victimized innocent black folks.

Amazon was now allowing 1,800 of their Seattle-based employees to work elsewhere because the crime was too much.

Seattle also closed their flagship McDonald’s burger joint out of fear for the safety of their employees.


Put a fork in Seattle.

I watched Detroit die an inglorious death due to crime, shady politicians, and poor business decisions from the automakers. It took a while. The communists killed Seattle in less than two years. You get what you vote for. Stop voting for this. Especially when you leave your bolshie s***-hole town and move back to America. Remember, we will welcome you back, but you MUST stop voting for this. I too was an NYC lib for years (sorry…).

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