Heartbreaking: Charlie Brown Voice Actor Commits Suicide


Former child actor Peter Robbins, known as the voice of Charlie Brown, has died by suicide. Robbins was 65 years old. He portrayed the voice of Charlie Brown from the age 9-13.


As an adult, Robbins was known to struggle with addiction to drugs and alcohol and spent time in a rehab center. He was arrested in 2013 on stalking charges. He also snagged a five-year prison stretch for making criminal threats against people, including a San Diego sheriff.

After getting out of prison, Robbins spoke out to people suffering from mental illness.

“I would recommend to anybody that has bipolar disorder to take it seriously because your life can turn around in the span of a month like it did to me,” Robbins declared. “I came out of prison, and I’m a better person for it. I’m much more humble and grateful and thankful that I lived through the experience.”


FACT-O-RAMA! In 1965, Robbins was paid $125 for his voice in “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”

Robbins made the rounds of television shows in the ’60s, appearing on F Troop, The Munsters, Rawhide, Blondie, My Three Sons, and others.

In 1968, Robbins recorded a single called “If I Knew Then (What I Know Now).”

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Robbins left the acting world in 1972 and became a DJ in California. He later graduated from the University of California, San Diego.

His latest career was in real estate. At one point he owned a dog named Snoopy.


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