White Supremacists Wanted, Immediate Openings, Applicants Need Not Be White

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It’s amazing who passes for a white supremacist lately.

One would think there is just one prerequisite to being a white supremacist: be white. That one SHOULD be non-negotiable. But Michigan’s hard-drinking, commie Attorney General, Dana Nessel, believes the Texas synagogue attacker, Malik Faisal Akram, was a big, white supremacy-oozing boogeyman.


Pssst, he was a Muslim. He took hostages in an effort to have a female Al Qaeda operative freed from prison. Now, I don’t personally know any white supremacists but I can’t see them going to the mat to free a woman known as “Lady al Qaeda.”

How disappointed was the left when the bad guy turned out not to be a white goober in a MAGA hat?

So the terrorist is a Muslim. Damn. Now what?

Now, the FBI tried to convince the world Akram didn’t target Jews. The FBI, and the left in general, has actually been pretty lenient on Muslim terrorists, even the domestic terrorist who shot over 100 gay people at Pulse nightclub in Orlando. The FBI declared that the Pulse shooter didn’t target gay people at all, even as many lay dying in hospitals. Some leftists tried to argue he was a “frustrated gay man.” The left just can’t say the words, “Muslim terrorist” even as one of them is blazing away at over 100 gay Latino men.


The Biden administration has been pushing the myth of “white supremacy” as the nation’s biggest problem. Unfortunately for Gropey Joe, the nation’s dwindling KKK ranks, down to roughly 3,000 klan klowns, aren’t playing along. The few that exist barely put in any real “supreme” effort. And while they hide under their rocks, REAL terrorists are doing what terrorists do best, terrorizing Americans, most of whom are, ironically, white.

Darryl Brooks is a black supremacist who mowed down over 60 white people, including kids, at a Waukesha, Wis. Christmas parade. Six people were killed in what is inarguably the worst domestic terror attack in years. Yet CNN refers to it as “… six people killed after a red SUV sped into Waukesha’s Christmas parade Sunday afternoon.” If an actual white supremacist had mowed down over 60 black people, this country would still be burning.

Another black supremacist, with links to numerous black militias, shot a cop in the head last year in Florida. Black militants in Tulsa called for “killing everything white in sight.”

Some people just want to “shoot the white folks.”


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White supremacy attacks are so hard to come by that people are faking them. Hundreds of them. Imagine there being so few hate crimes committed by white people that leftists have to manufacture them.

The lack of hate crimes is a good thing, right? Wasn’t that always the goal? It sure would be nice to enjoy that peaceful racial solidarity but damn if the leftists won’t allow us to do that.


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