Don't Let the Door Hit You: America's Worst Mayor Is Finally Leaving New York City—and Leaving It in Shambles

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Bill de Blasio has weeks to go as America’s worst mayor. He will be remembered as the Bolshevik who inherited a beautiful, safe, thriving city and turned it into a violent commie hellhole. In his mind, he has been successful because that’s what communists do.


I expect a $$$ book deal will be coming his way soon. Successful pinkos are given book deals, even when the publishers know that historically some liberals’ books don’t sell. That’s not the point; the point is to reward the commie for a job well done.

Rudy Giuliani took over New York City, a Democrat nightmare, when he defeated New York’s incumbent Mayor David Dinkins in 1993. Violent crime was out of control. I remember semi-nude prostitutes wandering the west side of Manhattan and in Kips Bay. Homeless “squeegee guys” blocked traffic. The streets were filthy.

Rudy and Police Chief William Bratton brought crime down and kept it down for eight years. Michael Bloomberg spent three terms keeping New York City secure and profitable for businesses. People felt safe. Then came Bill de Blasio.

FACT-O-RAMA! Comrade de Blasio won his first election with a near record-low turnout of 24% of voters showing up at the polls. He was re-elected four years later with only 23.88% of New Yorkers casting a vote.

In just eight years the communist de Blasio has gutted the once-great New York City. Violent crime is rampant again. Unchecked prostitution is back on the streets of the Big Apple. New Yorkers are afraid.


De Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo used the China Flu to let droves of criminals out of jail, even though fewer than 1% of COVID patients came from New York City’s jails. Last year saw record crime in New York City, and this year is proving to be even more violent.

De Blasio turned his back on the New York Police Department (NYPD) figuratively and they turned their backs on him literally. He later went on to defund the NYPD by $1 billion a year. This was after his health department wouldn’t give masks to cops in 2020.

Anti-Asian hate crimes, the long-time dirty secret of NYC bias attacks, have exploded under de Blasio. Homelessness has gotten so bad that even de Blasio admits he dropped the ball there. Penn Station, a travel hub for New Yorkers, has become a violent quasi homeless shelter.

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Like a true commie, de Blasio did more than gut a wonderful city. He and his wife “misplaced” $850 million. Remember that commie leaders, unlike their peasants, live a life of luxury.


De Blasio was the first American pinko mayor to mandate vax passports for restaurants, gyms, live shows, etc. He forced city workers to get the jab or lose their jobs.

Here is the punchline: few people in New York City like him. He is as popular as the stomach flu in a hot tub. Yet he couldn’t just ride out the last month in office; he had to get one more totalitarian jab in before saying goodbye. Now, with less than a month left in his term, he is the first mayor in America to mandate vaccines for all private-sector workers.

Where does one go after gutting one of our premier cities? Forward! De Blasio is now running for governor of New York. He will compete against the current governor, Kathy Hochul, as well as Jumaane Williams and Letitia James, a veritable “Who’s That?” of New York Commie politics.

I love New York City, but they got what they voted for. Let’s see if the rest of the state has a death wish as well.


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