Waukesha vs. Charlottesville, White Supremacy vs. Black Supremacy: Let's Compare

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Joe Biden and other miscreants on the left compared Kyle Rittenhouse to a “white supremacist.” The three fascists Rittenhouse shot had a few things in common, one of which is skin color. Why is Kyle Rittenhouse a “white supremacist” for perforating three white guys? Because many on the left, including Joy Reid of MSNBC, said so.


What happens when politicians and their news media lapdogs spew the myth of white supremacy? People will believe them, and they will become angry. Enter Darrell Brooks.

Brooks purposely drove his SUV through a crowd of white people shortly after the not guilty verdict for Rittenhouse was read. Did Brooks think that a white supremacist just walked away from justice? Did he believe the lie that Rittenhouse shot black people or any of the other myths the left propagated regarding Rittenhouse?

Brooks’ social media is full of hatred for white people and support for Hitler’s views on Jewish people. He is the definition of a racist and a black supremacist. Mowing down white people makes him a domestic terrorist as well as a mass murderer. He is literally everything the left claims to hate.

Then why won’t Biden speak out against the racial hatred of the Waukesha massacre, especially when it has thus far cost the lives of six people, one of them only eight years old? Why hasn’t Biden gone to Waukesha to visit the victims of actual racial hatred? Because the left doesn’t really hate ALL bigots.

The leftists have been talking about Charlottesville and white supremacy since the ordeal took place in 2017. It’s been their mantra on supposed white supremacy: “CHARLOTTESVILLE!”


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So let’s compare Charlottesville to Waukesha and see what we can learn about racial supremacy and domestic terrorism in the U.S. and how both sides of the aisle deal with it.

Charlottesville vs. Waukesha

CHARLOTTESVILLE: A bunch of leftists surrounded a car with James Field Jr. inside and began beating on it with sticks. He drove through the crowd, killing one and injuring at least 19 others. He claimed he was just trying to get away. He didn’t target people by race.

WAUKESHA: Darrell Brooks was not being attacked. He chose to drive over people—white people—even turning his car to hit as many as possible, according to some Waukesha cops.

CHARLOTTESVILLE: James Field Jr. turned out to be a white supremacist and a fan of Hitler. He killed one and injured at least 19 people. He was not granted bail.

WAUKESHA: Darrell Brooks turned out to be a black supremacist and also a fan of Hitler. He killed six (so far) and injured another 57. His bail is set at $5 million.

CHARLOTTESVILLE: In a speech, then-President Trump mentioned the attack and condemned white supremacy.

WAUKESHA: Biden hasn’t mentioned the attack yet and hasn’t condemned black supremacy.

CHARLOTTESVILLE: Trump was widely blamed for the attack by liberals, and people demonstrated against him nationwide. Liberals complained that his speech didn’t go far enough. They began the myth that Trump said there were “good white supremacists” present in Charlottesville.


WAUKESHA: Conservatives have questioned why Biden hasn’t so much as mentioned the Waukesha attack. We’ve asked if his calling Rittenhouse a “white supremacist” could have motivated Brooks to attack a bunch of elderly white people and children. No anti-Biden demonstrations have taken place.

CHARLOTTESVILLE: Conservative news media did not immediately try to justify or hide Fields’ actions or motives.

WAUKESHA: Lefty news sites prematurely stated that Brooks was fleeing a knife fight and did not intentionally mow down 62 white people. We have since learned that both of these were lies.

CHARLOTTESVILLE: As per the video above, Fields’ mother called the cops on him a number of times. He allegedly threatened her with a knife and allegedly hit her once.

WAUKESHA: Brooks has a long rap sheet. He had been charged with 16 crimes. He was recently arrested for punching his girlfriend and running her over with his SUV. He was out on what the DA now admits was “inappropriately low” bail.

CHARLOTTESVILLE: Lefty news mentioned Charlottesville for months.

WAUKESHA: Crickets…

CHARLOTTESVILLE: Fields was given life plus 419 years in prison for killing one person and injuring 19. He was recently denied an appeal.

WAUKESHA: Brooks had a court appearance on Tuesday. We await his trial.

What Have We Learned?

For a country supposedly seething with “systemic racism” and “white supremacy,” it’s apparent that James Fields hasn’t fared well. He killed one woman and injured 19 more, was granted no bail, and was sentenced to life plus 419 years in prison. He had no prior convictions.

Darrell Brooks has a long rap sheet. He was recently arrested for punching his girlfriend and running her over with his car. He was released on $1,000. No one was attacking him when he targeted and hit 62 white parade marchers, killing six thus far. He was given $5 million bail. For a country filled with systemic racism and white supremacy, he is faring way better than James Fields Jr.


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