Incoming! Commies Blaming Mommies for Tuesday's Scalping #WhiteWomen Onslaught

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Taking leadership pointers from Stalin himself, the pinkos are doing what they always do when they get disemboweled on election day: Blaming someone else for not doing a good enough job themselves.


Usually, the bolshies point their gluten-free fingers at “uneducated white men” when their woke talking points chase people toward the red lever, but, apparently, Tuesday was Ladies’ Night.

Leftist haters are blaming “racist” white women in Virginia and their distaste for all things woke for the collapse of their clownish agenda. This is especially amusing when you note that Biden won Virginia by 10 points over Trump, which means many women who voted for Youngkin likely voted for Biden one year ago.

Fear-mongering is a mainstay when it comes to Wednesday morning liberal election wailing, and today is one for the books! The losers are posting #whitewomen attacks on the gals who sent “woke” candidates to the showers. Twitter will teach you horrible white chicks not to think for yourselves and try to protect your kids from a racist curriculum called CRT. And the next time a transgender dude in a skirt rapes a 15-year-old in school, you better shush your stupid, white lips and vote for the lefty agenda that allowed him to remain in the school system and attack another girl.

For a group that pretends to believe in inclusiveness as well as women’s rights, the progressives are REALLY cranky at you white gals. I’m purposely leaving off some of the tastier hissy fits being posted, mostly because I don’t want to give the nasty little Hydras what they want most: attention and views. Also, some of the language is a little bit salty.


Here is one of the most ridiculous attacks, where a leftist-harpy combines abortion and, I assume, critical race theory, as well as  a woman who looks to be in her 50s being squeezed by a big, bad, white, mid-century man’s wrist.

Mmmm, you can almost taste the furor. You can practically see the rage-spittle as it flies from the author’s entitled lips to her iPhone 11 keypad. I love the smell of Antifa tears in the morning. It smells like victory! I haven’t figured out what the pearls are all about. (Actually, it’s so simple: Joc Pederson wears them, and he plays for those racist, vote-suppressing Atlanta Braves.) All I know is that some women are PRETTY angry and might have to use birth control in Virginia for the next six years.

I don’t know if the racist Twitter attacks are against ALL white women or just the free-thinkers who don’t want their kids brainwashed and raped.


My favorite comments are by other white women. This wizard of words below somehow manages to sneak “white supremacy” and “patriarchy” into one asinine tweet.

Never mind that those same #whitewomen helped elect Virginia’s first black female lt. governor, Winsome Sears.

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What the Twitter haters are saying is this: If you don’t like CRT and you reject your local school board coddling a rapist, you must be a bigot.

FACT-O-RAMA! When a man puts on a dress and declares he is a woman, he is still just a man in a dress. Don’t like it? Take it up with science.

Some people  — we will call them “thinkers” — realize what a joke the #whitewomen onslaught really is.


Recap: Ladies, the Democrats pretend to like #whitewomen but ONLY when you vote the way the commies want you to vote.

For those of you ladies who voted Republican for the first time, welcome to the real party of inclusion.



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