The Cult of Liberalism, From Someone Who Escaped

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I was a New York City liberal for years. My “friends” were all diehards. We were “smarter” than everyone else, even liberals in the “flyover” states. We were special. How did we know? Because we kept telling each other.

I am a comedian. Most people in the comedy world are aggressively leftist. As was I. My calendar was full—payment for being a useful idiot.

Then I woke up. Ouch, I hate to use the word “woke.”

I was called a “redneck” for questioning Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. I was branded a sexist for not praying to the Goddess Hillary. You can guess what I was called for not voting for Obama.

Then I wasn’t called anything because my friends stopped calling me. So did some comedy bookers.

When the left accuses us of doing something nefarious, that usually means they are doing it themselves. So when a Facebook apparatchik called Trump supporters a cult, I thought I would look for cult-like patterns on the left. has a section on mind control, noting that there are six steps to follow when you want to recruit someone into a cult and keep them there. Let’s go through those and see how they apply to the left.


The first step of mind control is to lure a new member in with a lie. The cult lies to you about their true intentions, much like a timeshare. The leftist cult tells you that they’re all about helping minorities, equality, and saving the planet. Though this seems like a noble cause, it’s fake. The true goal of the left is communism, nothing less. Everything else is just a decoy. They won’t tell you that until you’re up to your eyeballs and your friends, family, job, career, and significant other are wrapped up in the same commie blanket.


This is where the cult tells you they are special and you are special for being a part of it. Everyone else is a racist and a sexist. They are the enemy. You, on the other hand, are above them. Never mind what they’re saying on Fox News. That station is for the stupid and the unsavable. We are better than everyone.  Stick with us, we are supreme.

Fear and Intimidation

Like every good cult, the left uses fear and intimidation to keep their minions in line. Guilt and character assassination are key elements of the leftist cult. Do as we say or you are one of them. Wear the mask or you’re a science-denying Trump goblin. Get the shot, and then the next shot, and then the next shot, and then got more shots. Do not question the cult. If you don’t follow our rules, you are not one of us. You will lose it all—the job, career, and spouse. You’ve come this far, why would you bail now? Be a good Bolshevik, or else.

Love Bombing

This is where the leftists bombard you with love and friendship. Much like an abusive relationship, the leftist will always have your back unless, of course, you turn against the party, in which case the love and friendship are over. Cult love is conditional. I personally know three women who are very far left. Like Bernie left. However, they are all pro-life. This is a dark, dirty secret that their cult “friends” can never know or they will be kicked out of the club.

Information Control

All good cults control the information that their members absorb. The left teaches its zombies to vehemently reject anything from Fox News, OANN, and Newsmax, calling it laughable conspiracy nonsense. Only the brain-dead believe it. Free thinking is not allowed. The left will tell you which “science” to believe.

Reporting Structure

A cult is only as strong as its weakest member. Cult leaders want their people to rat out anyone who might not be following the party line. Despite the terrorism, pedophilia, and borderline treason we see taking place in the United States, the FBI has a pinned tweet asking people to rat out their friends and family members who were taking selfies in the Capitol on January 6th. Nicki Minaj questioned the vaccinations. Someone squealed to Jack Dorsey and she was dutifully kicked off Twitter. The message is simple: If you think for yourself, the cult WILL hear about it. Cancel culture is real and the thought police are listening.

Time Control

Cults like to keep their peons busy. So busy that they can’t question the party line. Maxine Waters told her followers to get in the faces of conservatives when they saw them in restaurants or gas stations. Rand Paul and his wife were mobbed. Michigan state Representative Cynthia Johnson openly called for her plebes to physically attack Trump supporters.

This is why you see leftists constantly fighting with normal people on Facebook. They’re always at a pink-hat protest or a riot. Keep them busy and you will keep them focused. They can’t post something on Twitter without a bunch of idiots jumping down their throats.

Have you noticed that it’s always the same Facebook trolls coming at you for daring to support liberty or free speech? BLM is a cult within a cult. They claim they want to help black people, yet they’ve done nothing for them. You must shout “Black Lives Matter,” but ignore the fact that black lives take thousands of other black lives per year. Don’t even mention that tens of millions of dollars in donations go into the pockets of a few. Dig that irony: If you try to discus and find a solution to black-on-black carnage or the BLM embezzlement, you’re a racist.

It’s hard to know you’re in a cult when you are told you’re the good guy. You don’t realize that everything you absorb, whether it’s information or a friendship, is a form of manipulation. But when your elected leaders are inviting you to physically attack the people they demonize, it’s time to wake up.

There is a way out, and it’s not as lonely as the cult said it would be. Being a conservative has cost me drinking buddies and comedy bookings. I replaced them with real friends and better gigs. I think for myself now, and rather than being punished, I am rewarded for writing about it.  #Winning


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