Liberals Peddle COVID Fear to the Little People, Continue to Ignore Their Own Advice

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It’s not just the masks. The left has raised the COVID fear to a point where they ought to be instituting diaper mandates.

They push mask decrees, vaccine passports, and the constant fear of a grueling ventilator-related death on all who won’t obey their ever-changing rules.


Like “The Dude” I abided. This dude abides no more. Why? Because they don’t abide at all.


Bill Maher called out the lefty press for their doom and gloom reporting on all things COVID in the spring of 2020. He recently renewed his call to quell the manic-panic on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

“Liberal media has to take responsibility for that, for scaring the s*** out of people.”

While Bill Maher is honest enough to call out the left for their fear frenzy, COVID ghoul Don Lemon went to the hospital where he was born (because it’s all about Don) to ask people suffering from COVID if they regret not getting the vaccine, which is akin to asking a smoker if they wish they had quit puffing cigarettes as they lie dying from lung cancer.

The real kicker? For all the Corona-tizzy they create, the left doesn’t seem to be too worried about the China flu themselves. Fear is for the little people.

Met Gala

By now you’ve seen pictures of wealthy communist AOC wearing her “Tax the Rich.” What you didn’t see on her, or most other guests, was a mask at a time when Yahoo News is reporting that Delta breakthrough cases are rising.


Sophisticated and Vaccinated

The New York Times‘ Annie Karni went so far as to call Obama’s 60th birthday party a “low risk” situation because all the lefty revelers were “sophisticated and vaccinated.” Dr. Fauci had nothing to say about Obama’s bash on Martha’s Vineyard either, but he blasted the annual biker rally at Sturgis as a possible superspreader event. The left sends the message that COVID devours white working-class Trump supporters. Lefties, on the other hand, are free to Cha-Cha Slide with impunity.

Ignoring their own COVID rules isn’t new for the lefty elite. Pelosi was caught getting a haircut when you and I were forbidden from doing that. Gavin Newsom was caught at a restaurant with his wealthy chums but claims he was there for the hang, not to eat. That reminds me of the mamby-pamby retort, “I smoked but I didn’t inhale.”


Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has been one of the naughtiest progressives when it comes to breaking rules. She went to filthy Florida, hung in a bar, and her husband tried to break out their boat at a time when intrastate travel was verboten.

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FACT-O-RAMA! If it’s true that 74 out of Obama’s 500 guests caught COVID at his birthday party, that would mean 14.8% of his “sophisticated and vaccinated” ravers caught the ‘Rona. Maybe the China Flu likes the taste of wealthy apparatchiks after all.


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