UPDATE: Seattle Area Cop Ambush Suspect Back in Jail After a REAL Judge Raises His Bond

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Several days ago I reported that Frankie T. Robertson-Butler, who is suspecting of ambushing a cop, was given a $50,000 bond, even though it was his second attempted cop ambush since March.


Butler fired 15 rounds at a police officer as she sat at a red light. Fortunately, he missed her. Butler and his getaway driver took off but were apprehended shortly thereafter.

Liberal pro-tem District Court Judge, David O let Butler and his get-away driver, Lavonta J. Steward-Baker, walk out of jail three days later, after having their bond paid by the woke, pro-criminal bail-out organization called “Community Passage Ways.”

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Davis O is a defense lawyer who, according to his website, is “dedicated to helping criminals” because he loves “helping people.” Even people who keep trying to kill cops.

A real judge showed up at the last minute and, thanks in part to the outrage from the local law enforcement community, decided this nonsense wouldn’t do. Butler’s bond was raised to $500,000, meaning he, or his buddies at Community Passage Ways, will have to cough up a total of $50,000. He remains behind bars as of now. There has been no update on his driver.


This story is still developing.


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