Conservatives Are Now Counter-Culture: True Liberalism Is Dead and Antifa Is Pure Establishment

(AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

My, how things have changed. I remember when the liberals were the cool, edgy kids and conservatives were the stodgy, boring, establishment types, triggered by my blue mullet and an old, black suit jacket covered in “Oingo Boingo” pins. Liberalism meant open-mindedness. Those were the days.


Liberalism as I knew it is dead. It didn’t die overnight. It suffered a long, grueling, cancer-like death. And rather than fight the disease, liberals themselves did everything they could to speed its demise.

Liberals were anti-establishment. Now, they ARE the establishment. Good, let them be the stuffed shirts for a while. We, the conservatives, are now the cool kids in the lunchroom.

In the late ’60s, liberal, long-haired “freaky people” and hippy college students fought for free speech. Their motto was, “I may not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll fight to the death for your right to say it.”

Today, their pink-haired, gender-neutral grandkids will destroy a Starbucks if “Nazi” Ben Shapiro is giving a speech nearby.

Once upon a time, liberals fought for the rights of women. Today, their low-T grandcreatures throw women under the bus. They fight for the right of a serial sex offender to flash his semi in front of naked women and girls. They support the right of a mentally anguished man in a dress to beat up a young lady in sports.


I’m guessing the trans “boxer” knows what would happen to him if he fought another man.

McLaughlin, above, is wearing a t-shirt that says “End Trans Genocide.” We don’t have that here. I can only assume he’s referring to Muslims. That seems pretty Islamophobic of him if you ask me.

While today’s libs are fighting over which restroom to use, liberal comedian Bill Maher is embarrassed by what the left has become, as our own Matt Margolis pointed out.

Antifa is the biggest punchline in the comedy that has become liberalism. THEY decide who is a Nazi. THEY decide who is an enemy of the state, and THEY proceed to violently attack them. This is a fascist move that would make Il Duce proud. Antifa will gladly attack a “Nazi” even if it’s really an elderly war vet who happens to be wearing a MAGA hat.

NOTE:  This is the point when a liberal will say, “Antifa aren’t liberals, they are leftists. I am a liberal and I don’t condone their behavior.”

Nice try, liberals. When we brought up the billions of dollars in damage and the horrible violence your antifa cucks and their BLM cronies committed against the nation, you replied by saying the protests were “mostly peaceful,” regurgitating the lies of serial tricksters Don Lemon and Rachel Maddow. You knew the fires and violence were happening, you just didn’t want to spank your kids. This is what happens when you raise your children to call you “Bob” instead of “Dad,” give them options instead of saying “No, because I said so,” and don’t keep score at their soccer games. Liberals, you may want to control your antifa-betas before they bring a plastic shield to a 9MM fight.


I’ll bet this lil fella below got a trophy for losing.

High-ranking, middle-of-the-road liberals like Rep. Jerry Nadler and Joe Biden pretend antifa isn’t even real, but in reality, antifa is the Frankenstein of the left. If you don’t control the monster you made, you are culpable. My dad bought me a gun when I was 11 years old. If I had gone around shooting people, he would have controlled me. He wouldn’t have called me a “myth” and pointed to all the days when my behavior was “mostly peaceful.”

Antifa pretends they are counter-culture victims and “anti-fascist.” They claim to be anti-establishment while fighting FOR the establishment. Democrats pretend they don’t exist, lefty media hide their crimes, and the justice system protects them from punishment, just like mommy and daddy did when they were kids.

Yesterday’s liberals used to fight for the rights of minorities. Today, they fight minorities.

If YouTube gave Oscar awards for their videos, this one would win “Best Comedy.” (Language and violence warning. Antifabeast threatens a black man and gets clowned)


Personally, I haven’t changed much. I’ve always supported equal treatment for all, equal opportunities, free speech, personal responsibility, and no violence. In the ’80s, that made me a liberal. Today it makes me a “Nazi” a “racist,” and all the other names we are called by today’s “establishment.”

Not much has changed. I’m still a fan of Oingo Boingo. Their leader, legendary outcast Danny Elfman, received a Legend Award from Disney. Pure establishment. Good for him. Make that money, like a true conservative.

Me, I’m still on the outside.



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