Antifa: 5 Things You Need to Know About the Commie Anarchists

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The best thing the Sally-boys of antifa had going for them was that no one took them seriously for a while. Here is why:


The creature pictured above is one of the few antifa ambergris-nuggets to go to federal prison.

As I reported two days ago, Project Veritas released an undercover video of a Sacramento high school teacher bragging, somewhat effeminately, about how he has “180 days” to indoctrinate his students and turn them into commies. He admits to being in antifa and hangs an antifa flag in his classroom. He bribes his students with extra credit if they attend antifa rallies. But he got caught. Now he is in trouble, he is scared, and the poor, tender tiger lily is whining about it.

People on the left wouldn’t even admit antifa existed. Real Americans knew they were out there because we saw videos of them attacking middle-aged people wearing MAGA hats, and elderly folks, and, for some reason, we let that go. But things have changed now. Antifa is no longer simply looking to beat up fifty-year-old patriots waving Trump flags. Now they want to indoctrinate your kids, and they were getting away with it, until now.

Finally, people are taking antifa seriously. So let’s dish some dirt about these fem-clowns and talk about who and what they really are.

FACT-O-RAMA! Their fave graffiti “ACAB” stand for “All Cops Are B*****ds

1. What’s in a Name?

Antifa stands for “anti-fascist.”Clever choice, because If I say, “I hate those trannequins in antifa,” a leftist will scream, “They are ANTI-FASCIST! If you hate them you MUST be a FASCIST!” They liken themselves to American soldiers who fought Nazis. Don’t be fooled—antifa is a fascist movement. They are communists. They shut down free speech. They’ll destroy a Starbucks if Ben Shapiro is giving a talk nearby. They physically attack people they don’t like. They are the definition of fascists. Imagine starting a group called “I Love Cats” and then you proceed to eat cats. Clever disguise.


2. Is Antifa Even Real?

According to Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.), antifa is a myth. Gropey Joe Biden said antifa is an “idea.” Antifa is very real. There is no actual membership roll, but they have a flag, several symbols, and a burning desire to spread communism, all while pretending to “protect” people, which is a move directly out of Lenin’s playbook. They also have dozens of Twitter accounts and websites. I am a Red Wings fan. Do I have a membership card to prove it? No, but I have the jersey, I attend the events, and I cheer them on. Hence, I am a Red Wings fan.

FACT-O-RAMA 2: President Trump was booted off Twitter and Facebook because both platforms decided that he used their sites to promote the “insurrection” of January 6. Yet they allow the Taliban and antifa to maintain profiles.

3. What Is Their Plan?

Anarchy, pure and simple. Antifa hates Trump and his supporters but they aren’t fans of the Democrats either. The leftists turned a blind eye to them, and still do to some extent. They should be careful. Antifa attacked a Democrat HQ in Portland. They vandalized Pelosi’s house, going so far as to leave a pig’s head and fake blood on her property. In short, they want the U.S. to burn.

4. Antifa Is the Democrats’ Frankenstein

Despite the aforementioned attacks against Democrats, the left has been all huggy-wuggy with antifa for a long time. Lefty prosecutors in Portland and Seattle have allowed these domestic terrorists to skate. Some are arrested but few members are charged. Kamala Harris touted a bail fund to keep the monsters on the street and fighting with cops. Even the Justice Department is covering for them. The ADL backs them as well, despite the violence and damage they incur.


The media runs cover for antifa too. If a Proud Boy threw an explosive toward a mother holding a baby at a BLM rally, you’d hear about it. Not so much when antifa does it. Reuters actually wrote a glowing article about a former Girl Scout who is now an out-loud and proud member of antifa.

5. Who Is Antifa?

Antifa is made up mostly of young, well-to-do white people. They are loosely organized. They hang out in “affinity groups.” The attack anyone THEY deem to be racist, fascist or “transphobic.” They routinely attack people, buildings, businesses, and property of people who aren’t political because, you know, anarchy, man.

What Have We Learned?

We’ve learned that antifa, like most lefty anarchist groups, is made up of a bunch of white kids from money. Some are transgendered people.

They are also not very pretty.

The admitted commie/antifa teacher in Sacramento, Gabriel Gipe, is just the tip of the apparatchik iceberg. He admits there are two other Marxist teachers at his school. Another teacher just got in trouble for removing the American flag from her classroom and telling her young students they can pledge allegiance to a gay pride flag. Now, more than ever, people need to stand up and take a hard look at what is happening in our schools. We ALL need to go to school board meetings and ask questions. We’d better hurry. White 20-somethings of “privilege” are busying brainwashing our kids, and they’ve got an army of soy-sucking, gender-confused panty-lads backing them up with violence.





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