Daily Dose of Downey: 5 Examples of Hypocrisy That Make It Impossible to Take Liberals Seriously

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Dems Put the Hype in Hypocrisy

For Democrats, standards are like cocktails. Make Pelosi’s a double.

As the World Burns

The Capitol “riot” proceedings happening now should be nominated for soap opera of the year. A Capitol policeman testified that he had a Trumpster pull on his baton, which naturally led him to believe he was about to be hanged. Huh? I’m waiting to see the camera cut to Chuck “Croc Tears” Schumer making use of those two “method acting” classes he attended. It’s a sham. If 300,000 Trump -supporting “insurrectionists”  had wanted to take the Capitol, they would have brought their guns. That was never the intention, but everyone knows that. Even Pelosi, who is nothing but human Ipecac. She knows the hearings are grotesque, but she is the “mastermind” behind them. Which leads us to our first example of ridiculous hypocrisy.

Jan. 6 vs. May 25, 2020-?

By the left’s own standards, January 6 wasn’t mostly peaceful–it was almost completely peaceful. If, say, 300,000 people showed up to hear Trump speak, and 600 got violent, that’s 0.2% of the crowd (600 is a HUGE overstatement,  as many of those arrested weren’t violent). When 1000 “protestors” showed up to demand justice for Saintly George Floyd, and 200 were violent members of BLM and their non-binary Ken doll sis-bros, that’s 20% of the crowd. That 20% proceeded to burn Portland for over 100 nights, sack Washington D.C. for a solid month, trash Chicago, and reduce Minneapolis to a burning rubble. Don’t forget Seattle, Atlanta, and everywhere else. Portions of cities were taken over. Black kids were shot and killed, and the lefty Pravda media introduced the most hypocritical phrase of the century: “mostly peaceful.” Biden referred to Antifa as “an idea,” and Jerry Nadler, in a spectacular display of deception, called them “a myth.” The grandparents being arrested for strolling the Capitol are labeled “insurrectionists,” while those Floyd-loving libs who attacked police and burned buildings, cars, and businesses were mostly ignored, if not rewarded. Antifa has made it clear that they want revenge. The January 6 protestors simply wanted to be heard.

Crazy Train: Trump vs. Biden

One of the many accusations we heard from media sitzpinklers like Don Lemon was that Trump was cray-cray and needed to get hit by the shillelagh of the 25th Amendment. Obviously, nothing in Trump’s behavior suggested he needed to rubberize the Oval Office. Now let’s talk about Biden.

My Great Uncle Henry was sent to a home after he yelled at my cousin Sam, “You’re mom has been napping on the bedroom floor for two days. She’s too lazy to get up and make me a sandwich.” The signs of dementia were clear to all. Thankfully, there were no Democrats in the family to deny the obvious.

When recently asked a question about immigration, our president responded with what clearly sounded like: “My butt’s been wiped.” Mad bomb shouts for our leader’s clean derriere (the real question is: who did the wiping?), but who doesn’t think this latest example of Biden’s mental decline is a sad and obvious clue that the leader of the free world is one Baby Ruth shy of a pool evacuation?

Democrats vs. Their Own China Flu Restrictions

Democrats imposed the harshest lockdowns in the nation, then some dodged their own rules. The most egregious example is Michigan’s Governor Whitmer. “Stretchin” Gretchen flew to Florida after telling her constituents to avoid that very state. Whitmer wouldn’t allow Michiganders to lock down in their vacation cabins but she went to hers. She declared people couldn’t hang with more than six people in a restaurant, only to snag a bevvy with nine of her peeps. The worst part is that she had people arrested for ignoring her Draconian lockdown sheep-dip.


Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo are guilty as well.

Election Fraud: Republicans vs. Democrats

The left has been screaming that there was no 2020 election fraud–and that anyone who believes there was any skullduggery is a “conspiracy theorist,” if not a full-on “Qanon wackjob.” The same Democrat ambergris cheered on Robert Mueller’s “Trump Russia collusion” farce for two years, then denied the findings because they didn’t go their way.

Supremacy: Black vs White

The Bull-sheviks of the Biden administration have been pushing the myth of MAGA-hat-wearing, white supremacist rednecks hunting black kids nationwide, despite a complete lack of data to prove this race-baiting lie. Black supremacy, on the other hand, is getting out of control. Eleven members of a heavily armed group of black men, calling themselves “Rise of the Moors,” recently shut down a portion of  a highway in Massachusetts in a standoff with police. Despite the lefty narrative that a group of black men with guns would get perforated by police, the situation ended peacefully.


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A large, heavily armed group of black supremacists in Tulsa recently celebrated the 100-year anniversary of the “Tulsa Massacre” by marching the streets and chanting, “Whose streets? Our streets.” At least one gunslinger suggested it was time to “shoot everything white.”

A black supremacist just shot a Florida policeman in the head and was arrested later while hiding in a “treehouse” stocked with weapons, on land owned by a member of the “Not F***ing Around Coalition” (NFAC).

We could go on. There are dozens more examples of Democrat hypocrisy, but we simply don’t have the time to cover them all.

Pelosi sold her soul to the devil so that she could bring this nation down.


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