'Trump Won' Flag Man Banned From Every MLB Stadium

(Screenshot Dion Cini Twitter)

Mega MAGA Man

Dion Cini, the patriot who has been unfurling “Trump Won Save America” flags at baseball games, has been banned from entering every Major League Baseball (MLB) stadium. He posed with his MLB ding letter on Twitter.


Cini’s Twitter profile describes him as “Guerilla Marketeer, Political Consultant, Founder of OperationFlagDrop & ‘Professional Provocateur.'”

He has skated with his flag on Wollman Ice Rink, where he was physically assaulted, even though the Trump organization operated Wollman Rink. Cini also unfurled what is rumored to be the world’s largest Trump flag on the front of Trump Tower in Manhattan in March of this year.

Cini even dropped a “Trump Pride” flag one day after the end of Pride Month.

Cini has now been banned by MLB stadiums and Disney parks, Sea World, and Sesame Street. As per his Twitter account, he has no plans of stopping the flag drops. He does, however, have a Twitter tutorial for his MLB replacement flag-dropper.


He is also selling the flags at yugeflags.com. You may want to get two—his “Trump Won Save America” flag was recently commandeered at Citi Field. And you might even get the $200 flag for free.

(Please share) MLB said i’m “encouraging others”, they are correct. If you buy a YugeFlags.com flag, drop it at a MLB park, post pics & video, will refund 100%. First 10 gets it, starting now. And MLB, kiss my proud American white @$$! #TrumpWon YugeFlags.com

Despite the baseball ban, Cini has no plans to stop the unfurling.

Don’t worry… NBA, Broadway, Monster Jam, Concerts, NFL, Minor League, Tennis, Olympics, Nascar… so many venues, so little time.


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