Feds (Finally) Mention Antifa and (Finally) Charge Antifa Beast

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Antifa Is Real. Real Ugly.

For leftist politicians who don’t believe antifa is real, this may come as a shock. Ryan Howe has been identified by the feds as having ties to antifa, and the pink-haired pinko has pled guilty to federal charges.


The strapping “noise artist” tranny from Rochester, New York, pleaded guilty to charges of using a facility of interstate and foreign commerce to incite, promote, and encourage a riot, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of New York.

Joe Biden and other Democrats have repeatedly suggested antifa isn’t real. Mr. Howe was likely dying its hair that day and didn’t get the memo.

The federal complaint states that on Sept. 23, 2020, Howe wrote on Facebook, “Burn this sh— to the f—ng ground” in response to news that a Kentucky police officer involved in Breonna Taylor’s death was charged with three counts of felony wanton endangerment, instead of murder. The next day Mr. Howe shared an online recipe for a homebrew Molotov cocktail and a tutorial on how to chuck it at one of the police officers. Later that day, Señor Howe posted, “Good morning to everyone ready to burn this whole f—ing country to the ground!”

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Howe was one of nine people arrested on Sept. 2, 2020, by Rochester cops at an antifa “protest” outside Rochester’s Public Safety Building. Dozens had gathered to protest the death of Daniel Prude, a black man who died in police custody. The complaint filed by an FBI special agent said that Howe shook the metal barricade protecting the police station and screamed to agitate the crowd to commit violence.


According to court records, Howe wrapped itself around a street sign to resist arrest and kicked police officers while being handcuffed.

Howe pleaded guilty last week to civil disorder, which carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Howe’s sentencing is set for Oct. 4. The FBI conducted the investigation with New York’s Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, as well as the Rochester Police Department. The case was prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Brett A. Harvey. The case is one of the few known federal prosecutions since violent antifa and Black Lives Matter riots began last May that state the suspect’s ties to antifa. Roughly half of BLM and antifa peeps have had their federal charges dropped. The rest are looking at lenient sentences for the violent crimes they committed in Portland and Seattle.


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