[WATCH] Brutal Shooting of Hispanic Couple, Local Media Blurs Face of the Shooter

Twitter video screenshot (@d_shavo).

Happy Father’s, Juneteenth, Puerto Rican Day

A couple flying a Puerto Rican flag in Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood were pulled from their car and shot after a Puerto Rican Day celebration on June 19, also the celebration of Juneteenth. Gyovanny Arzuaga and Yasmin Perez were both shot point blank.


Mr. Aruaga is dead and Ms. Perez is critically injured. The couple is not married but they have two kids together.

FACT-O-RAMA! Humboldt Park is ranked a very dangerous sixth out of Chicago’s 77 neighborhoods for shootings.

Two videos are available, one that shows the face of the shooter and one shown on Chicago’s CBS affiliate that blurs the shooter’s face.

As the New York Post reported, in the first video we can see the couple “either being pulled or falling out of their car” (spoiler alert, they are being pulled) and getting shot at close range. It is unclear if Aruaga or Perez fire a shot in self defense before they are shot themselves.

The couple appears to have been attacked by two or three men. The Chicago CBS affiliate reported this as a “shootout,” but it is unclear if Arzuaga or Perez is even holding a firearm in the CBS video. Numerous bystanders are seen shooting video of the murder, but only two videos have surfaced so far. There were no suspects arrested as of Saturday night.


Chicago had 10 people killed and 47 wounded over the holiday weekend trifecta of Father’s Day, Juneteenth, and Puerto Rican Day.

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Woke news outlets have a history of hiding the identities of certain suspects, thus putting innocent people in danger, as reported by our own Paula Bolyard.


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