Mark Steyn on Charlie Hebdo Massacre: Islam Not the Only Villain


Speaking on Toronto radio this morning, Mark Steyn noted (as he has for years) that belligerent Islam is aided and abetted by non-Muslim Western “leaders”:


All the appeasing politicians, journalists, cops, human resources directors, professors, their students and the entire apparatus of the elite intelligentsia who make excuses for terrorism, and who scold us poor benighted proles to stop being “Islamophobic.”

He told Toronto’s John Oakley:

In my book, I print the lyrics to a parody song I do on stage called, “My Sharia Amour.”

I took to doing that because I’d been dragged through the Human Rights Commissions and spent a day in a Vancouver courtroom listening to some so-called expert witness who’d been flown in from Philadelphia to do ‘literary analysis’ on my jokes about Islam.

That has no place in a Canadian courtroom.

“In the end,” Steyn continued:

Attempting to mediate relations between free people and Islam will not work. Islam either has to get on board with the whole freedom of speech thing or it cannot participate in pluralistic western democracies. It’s as simple as that.

And the state authorities in Canada and the United Kingdom  — some guy in Yorkshire was just arrested by police because he tossed a Koran in a toilet. (…)

Universities are the most craven in our culture these days. (…) Pansified Western culture is obsessing over “microaggressions” but at the same time when some lunatic head-hackers open fire on you, you’ve just got to put up with it. That’s a recipe for the death of our civilization.




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