Will Michael Moore's Divorce (Finally) Destroy His Career?


Bad news:

Michael Moore’s boilerplate divorce complaint is the most boring thing he’s ever put his name on.

It even seems to be factually accurate!


Word that Moore and his wife of 21 years were splitting up generated plenty of news stories last week.

The “documentary” fib-maker doesn’t make as many headlines as he once did, of course.

Remember when Moore’s back-to-back hits Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11 made him famous enough to get mocked in other people’s movies?

Remember his sold-out international speaking tour?

His ubiquitous bestselling books?

And the cottage industry that sprang up on the “right” dedicated to debunking Moore’s toxic “facts”?

Today, Michael Moore’s Q Score is probably somewhere between Pokemon and Pogs.


The Left will never admit it, but all that often-thankless debunking and mockery really did chip away at Michael Moore’s reputation.

Notice how your liberal friends’ eye-rolling protestations have evolved over the last decade:

2003: “Michael Moore is NOT lying!”

2005: “Well, so what if he manipulated a few facts? It’s for a good cause!”

2013: “Oh, please: Nobody ever thought Michael Moore was all that great anyway…”

This from people you know had Moore’s movies, books and TV show box sets displayed in pride of place just a few years ago, who cheered when he won an Oscar and were thrilled when he shared an ex-president’s VIP box at the 2004 DNC.


Like Roger L. Simon, I’m eager to see how much of Moore’s (alleged) $50 million net worth will end up with his wife, considering they’ve been together so long, and that she’s his business partner and producer as well as his spouse.

Since he is the one who instigated proceedings, I wonder (also like Simon) how long it will be before the 59-year-old Moore steps out with some “much younger chickie.”

And will Moore’s “ex” emerge with a tell-all memoir or documentary?

What do Moore’s remaining fans make of all this, and of his weird, creepy post-Bush career free-fall in general?

Liberals have a shockingly high pain threshold when it comes to their heroes’ sins and failings.

Then again, I’m not sure they even acknowledge Michael Moore as a “hero” at this point.

(Did you even know he put out his autobiography two years ago?)

For leftists, Michael Moore is more like a ratty old “blankie” or a Flock-of-Seagulls-haircut yearbook photo: an embarrassing relic of the past — one they wish everyone else would just forget already.



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