20 Red Pill Quotes From Rollo Tomassi That Will Change How You Think Forever

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Have you ever heard of a man taking the “red pill”? It’s a reference to that famous scene from The Matrix. You know the one.

In the movie, the blue pill lets you stay plugged into the phony reality created by the machines while the red pill shows you the real world. In the men’s rights world, the red pill allows you to see that our world is really FEMALE DOMINATED, not male dominated. Red pill philosophy gives insights into what society is really like, what your role is really like, and what women are really like. Things you won’t hear in popular culture.


The best of the “red pill” gurus is Rollo Tomassi. He’s married, has a background in evolutionary psychology, and has never struck me as a sexist or a “woman hater.” I found Rollo Tomassi’s first book, The Rational Male, to be extraordinary. I also liked his next two books, The Rational Male – Preventive Medicine and  The Rational Male – Positive Masculinity.

Now, before we get into the best quotes from Rollo Tomassi’s books (and all of these quotes are from his books), let me make one request of you: keep an open mind. The quotes you’re about to read are contrary to everything you’ve probably seen on TV, in movies, and that you’ve heard in popular culture. They’re also blunt and written specifically for men, so this is not a perspective that is concerned with women’s feelings. As Rollo Tomassi himself has written:

I ask you to clear your head of the preconceptions you have of gender because what you’re about to read here are very radical concepts; concepts that will challenge your perspective on women, men, how they interact with each other, and how social structures evolve around those relations. You will violently disagree with some of these concepts, and others will give you that “ah ha!” moment of realization. Some of these concepts will grate on the investment your ego has in certain beliefs about how men and women ought to relate with each other, while others will validate exactly the experiences you may have had personally with them. Some are ugly. Some are not complementary of women and some of men, you’ll think I’m a misogynist on first glance because it’s the default response you’ve been taught to react with. For others, you might feel some kind of vindication for getting burned by your ex and realizing what was at play when it happened. I realize it’s a tall order, but strive not to let your personal feelings color what I lay out for you here.

With that in mind, enjoy the quotes!

1. From Positive Masculinity:

At present, boys drop out of school, are diagnosed as emotionally disturbed, and commit suicide at four times the rate of girls. They get into fights twice as often, murder ten times more frequently and are fifteen times more likely to be the victims of a violent crime. Boys are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder at six times the rate of girls. Boys get lower grades on standardized tests of reading and writing, and have lower class rank and fewer honors than girls. At universities women now constitute the majority of students, having surpassed men in 1982. In the next eight years women are predicted to earn almost 60% of bachelor’s degrees in U.S. colleges. Women now outnumber men in the social and behavioral sciences by about 3 to 1, and they’ve moved into such traditionally male fields as engineering (making up 20 percent of all students) and biology and business. Elementary schools have been “anti-boy” for several decades now, emphasizing reading, communicative feminine learning styles and restricting the movements of young boys. They feminize boys, forcing active, healthy, and naturally rambunctious boys to conform to a regime of feminine-correct obedience and pathologizing what is simply normal for boys. As psychologist Michael Gurian argues in The Wonder of Boys, despite the testosterone surging through their limbs, we demand that boys sit still, raise their hands, and take naps. We’re giving them the message, he says, that “boyhood is defective.”


2. From The Rational Male – Positive Masculinity:

However, it is important for a Man to bear in mind that his SMV (Sexual market value) will eventually exceed that of any woman if he continues to improve himself and grows personally, physically and financially into his SMV peak years. There will eventually come a time when a woman’s SMV will decay to the point that her necessitousness will exceed her value. In other words, due to her fast burn-fast decay SMV, and recognized or not, she will eventually need a Man more than he needs her when he enters his peak SMV phase and she’s declined to the Wall of her own. It’s during this critical phase that a woman must rely on her man’s socially expected love, charity, obligation and parental investment to maintain his secure attachment to her in the face of an obvious SMV imbalance. As I’ve covered before, women fundamentally lack the capacity to appreciate the sacrifices men make to facilitate women’s reality – and once those facial wrinkles and cellulite can no longer be disguised by makeup or collagen, women will still persist in the expectation of monogamous obligation, in preference to the genuine desire, love, devotion, etc. a man may legitimately feel about her regardless of her wrinkles.


3. From The Rational Male:

Always remember, perfect is boring. Women will cry a river about wanting Mr. Dependable and then go off to f*ck Mr. Exciting.

4. From The Rational Male:

The most common words I hear newly divorced men utter is some version of “I never saw this coming in my wildest imagination, we were married for 20 years, we have 4 kids, how could she be over me so quickly?”….Hypergamy doesn’t care how great a Father you are to your kids. Hypergamy doesn’t care how you rearranged your college majors and career choice in life to better accommodate her. Hypergamy doesn’t care how inspired or fulfilled you feel as a stay-at-home Dad. Hypergamy doesn’t care that you moved across 4 states to accommodate your long distance relationship. Hypergamy doesn’t care how “supportive” you’ve always been of her decisions or if you identify as a “male feminist.” Hypergamy doesn’t care about the sincerity of your religious convictions or aspirations of high purpose. Hypergamy doesn’t care about those words you said at your wedding. Hypergamy doesn’t care about how you funded her going back to college to find a more rewarding career. Hypergamy doesn’t care how great a guy you are for adopting the children she had with other men. Hypergamy doesn’t care about your divine and forgiving nature in excusing her ‘youthful indiscretions.’ Hypergamy doesn’t care about your magnanimity in assuming responsibility for her student loans, and credit card debt after you’re married. Hypergamy doesn’t care if “he was your best friend.” Hypergamy doesn’t care about the coffee in bed you bring her or how great a cook you are. Hypergamy doesn’t care about all those chick flicks you sat through with her and claimed to like. Hypergamy doesn’t care about how well you do your part of the household chores. Hypergamy doesn’t care about how much her family or friends like you. Hypergamy doesn’t care if you think you’re a “Good” guy or about how convincing your argument is for your sense of honor. Hypergamy doesn’t care whether the children are biologically yours or not. Hypergamy doesn’t care if “she was drunk, he was cute, and one thing led to another…” Hypergamy doesn’t care how sweet, funny or intellectual you are. Hypergamy doesn’t care if you “never saw it coming.” Hypergamy doesn’t care if you’re bitter.


5. From The Rational Male:

Iron Rule of Tomassi #3: Any woman who makes you wait for sex, or by her actions implies she is making you wait for sex; the sex is NEVER worth the wait. When a woman intentionally makes you wait for sex you are not her highest priority. Sexuality is a spontaneous chemical reaction between two parties, not a process of negotiation. It’s sex first, then relationship, not the other way around. A woman who wants to f*ck you will find a way to f*ck you. She will fly across the country, crawl under barbwire, climb in through your second story bedroom window, f*ck the sh*t out of you and wait patiently inside your closet if your wife comes home early from work – women who want to f*ck will find a way to f*ck. The girl who tells you she needs to be comfortable and wants a relationship first is the same girl who f*cked the hot guy in the foam cannon party in Cancun on spring break just half an hour after meeting him.

6. From The Rational Male:

THE CARDINAL RULE OF RELATIONSHIPS:  In any relationship, the person with the most power is the one who needs the other the least.

7. From The Rational Male:

Proactive cheating is the Single Mommy dilemma. This form of “cheating” relies on the woman breeding with a Good Genes male, bearing his children and then abandoning him, or having him abandon her, (again through invented social conventions) in order to find a Good Dad male to provide for her and the children of her Good Genes partner to ensure their security.

8. From The Rational Male:

Women have boyfriends and girlfriends. If you’re not f*cking her, you’re her girlfriend.

9. From The Rational Male:

The fundamental flaw of the Savior Schema (a.k.a. “Cap’n Save a Ho”) is that it is essentially negotiated intimacy, and negotiated intimacy is never genuine. You can fix a woman’s flat tire, help her out of a financial jam, fix her a nice lasagna, give her the perfect shoulder to cry on, babysit her kids and listen to her drone on for hours on the phone, and she’ll still go f*ck her outlaw biker boyfriend because her intimacy with him is genuine, unnegotiated, unobligated desire. She wants to have sex with him, she doesn’t owe him sex.

10. From The Rational Male – Positive Masculinity”

Your doing homework with your children to better their lives (while very ennobling) doesn’t make your wife any hotter for you in bed, nor will it be any bargaining tool should she decide to leave you. Women don’t fall in love with who you are, they fall in love with what you are, and no appeal to their reason will convince them otherwise.

11. From The Rational Male — Positive Masculinity: 


The sexual alphaness of a male towards a female is exhibited by her wanting to please him, and the sexual betaness of a male is exhibited by him needing to please her.

12. From The Rational Male – Preventative Medicine:

In most popular stories Beta men may be protagonists, but they’re never really heroes. Every movie, that I can remember, that has a Beta as a protagonist has been a comedy; Beta males are good for laughing at – no one actually admires them.

13. From The Rational Male – Preventative Medicine:

Alpha Men don’t complain about sexual frequency, they simply move on to a new woman. Betas complain about sexual frequency because they are expected to know and accept (now via open Hypergamy) that they will never enjoy the type of sex their women had with the Alphas in their Party Years.

14. From The Rational Male – Preventative Medicine:

Increasingly “career women” desiring to finally start a family at age 35 find that men – particularly the ones that meet their equalist provisioning criteria – in their age range (33-38) are not interested in women (to say nothing of “career women”) of their age. They’re interested in the 22 year olds who wouldn’t give them the time of day when they didn’t have the status (or maturity) that they’ve just discovered they now have. Most women in western culture who find themselves single at 38-42 are there after an earlier life that didn’t go as planned. They almost universally carry some kind of baggage.

15. From The Rational Male – Preventative Medicine:

Briffault’s Law has found an unlikely popularity in the 21st century manosphere and finds a new relevance when contrasted with the Late Security Phase:  The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.

16. From The Rational Male:

I hate the term “Mixed Signals” or “Mixed Messages.” More often than not there’s nothing “Mixed” being communicated and rather it’s a failure (willful or not) to read what a woman is communicating to a man. The average guy tends to “get” exactly what a woman has implied with her words, but it takes practice to read her behavior and then more practice in self-control to apply it to his own interpretation. When a woman goes from hot to cold and back again, this IS the message – she’s got buyer’s remorse, you’re not her first priority, she’s deliberating between you and what she perceives is a better prospect, you were better looking when she was drunk, etc. – the message isn’t the “what ifs,” the message IS her own hesitation and how her behavior manifests it. Ten dates before sex? This IS the message. Canceling dates? Flaking? Strong interest to weak interest? This IS the message. Women with high interest level (IL) won’t confuse you.


17. From The Rational Male:

Iron Rule of Tomassi #5: Never allow a woman to be in control of the birth. It’s called birth control because someone is “controlling” the birth. There are presently 41 different types of contraception available for women, for men there are only 2 – vasectomy or a condom – your only line of defense against her “choice,” the only thing separating a man from a lifetime (not just 18 years) of interacting with the decider of altering the course of his life is a thin layer of latex. Always have protection. I’ve had far too many guys hit me with the argument that they implicitly trust their girlfriends to be on the pill or whatever, and that she “doesn’t want kids” only to be an unprepared Daddy nine months later after “the accident.” The only accident they had was not being in control of the birth themselves. In fact I’d argue that men need to use extra caution when in an LTR since the ease of getting too relaxed with her is present. Accidental pregnancy is practically a cottage industry now. For a woman without education (or even with) and without means, an “unplanned” pregnancy may be a pretty good prospect, especially when every law and social expectation weighs in her favor. …This isn’t a scientific problem, it’s a cultural one. Mothers want to be Mothers. Men are only Fathers when a woman decides this for him even in the happiest of marriages. I think (hope) we’ll see a second sexual revolution once a male form of hormonal contraception is tested and available, but you can bet d*cks to donuts that every interested party from the religious to the feminist will fight this method’s release to the public at large and come up with every sort of veiled explanation for its demonization in order to put the agency of birth control exclusively into men’s control. I sincerely doubt men will “forget to take it” or have their “accidents” in the numbers women do.18)” Is the woman who applies make up every day ‘being herself?’ How about the woman with implants, is she ‘being herself?’ What about the woman wearing high heels because it boosts her height 4 inches? Is the girl you see in nothing but party pics on FaceBook ‘being herself?’ Lets turn it the other way, what of the woman wearing a business suit that emphasizes her shoulders with pads in the jacket — is she ‘being herself?’ If she colors her hair does this make her less genuine? If being ourselves is an idealized state then I should reasonably be able to expect a like-minded fitness model to be attracted to me even if my greatest passion is to sit on my couch, eat a large pizza and wash it down with a 6 pack of Michelob while watching Monday Night Football, right? After all, I am just being myself – it’s who I am.” – The Rational Male


19. From The Rational Male:

For the past 60 years feminization has built in the perfect Catch 22 social convention for anything masculine; The expectation to assume the responsibilities of being a man (Man Up) while at the same time denigrating asserting masculinity as a positive (Shut Up). Whatever aspect of maleness that serves the feminine purpose is a man’s masculine responsibility, yet any aspect that disagrees with feminine primacy is labeled Patriarchy, “Male Privilege” or Misogyny.

20. From The Rational Male:

I think what most men uniquely deceive themselves of is that they will ultimately be appreciated by women for their sacrifices. Learn this now, you won’t. You can’t be because women fundamentally lack the capacity to fully realize, much less appreciate the sacrifices a man makes to facilitate her reality. Even the most enlightened, appreciative woman you know still operates in a feminine-centric reality. Men making the personal sacrifices necessary to honor, respect and love her are commonplace. You’re supposed to do those things. You sacrificed your ambitions and potential to provide her with a better life? You were supposed to. You resisted temptation and didn’t cheat on your wife with the hot secretary who was down to f*ck and ready to go? You were supposed to. Your responsibilities to maintaining a marriage, a home, your family, etc. are common – they’re expected. They are only appreciated in their absence, in their lack and in their failing. The concept of appreciation dovetails into a lot of other aspects of intergender relations, so try to bear this in mind as you continue reading. For instance, assume for a moment that a 40 year old Man with the options to pursue younger women “does the right thing” and seeks out a relationship with a woman his own age. Would he be appreciated for essentially giving an aged woman a new lease on life or would he be viewed as doing what is to be expected of him? Would a man who marries a single mother and helps with the parental investment of another man’s child be appreciated more for having done so? Would it even factor into a woman’s estimation of his character, or would he simply be doing what’s expected of a man?


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