Yale Psychiatrist Claims Trump's Racism Is a Coping Mechanism for His Deteriorating Mental State

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Like most everyone else in the country, the leftist propaganda rag website Raw Story is in a huff over Trump’s comments about The Squad. As a way to help process their feelings about President Trump, RS spoke to Dr. Brandy X. Lee, a forensic psychiatrist and Yale School of Medicine’s “expert on violence.” The good doctor was more than happy to share her thoughts while offering a diagnosis of Donald Trump. According to her “expert” opinion, the president is using racism as a coping mechanism for his rapidly deteriorating mental state.


Asked about Trump’s use of “foul language and racist hatred,” Dr. Lee had this to say:

The first thing this indicates to me is that the president is deteriorating rapidly. He attacks as a maladaptive means of coping with stress, and he wont’ stop. Given the rigidity of his repertoire, we can expect more, escalating attacks.

Secondly, his racism also lays bare his dangerousness. If the actual content of Robert Mueller’s report were to be understood properly, rather than in the light of distortion and deflection the Attorney General to protect him, or the ‘No collusion! No obstruction!’ hypnotism he has managed so far, things could become uncontrollable.

The “esteemed” editor of The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President went on to explain how violent racist words are, altering the famous children’s taunt to say, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words kill.” After referencing wars, suicide, and massacres, Dr. Lee made the astounding assertion that “Trump “is committing the worst violence of all through his words.”

The “worst violence,” really? The “worst?” I’m unable to verify this for obvious reasons, but I’m pretty confident that the Christian martyrs who have been massacred at the hands of Muslim extremists in Nigeria probably disagree that Trump’s words are more violent than what they suffered. Likewise, victims of the civil war in Syria would probably prefer dealing with President Trump’s words than the shells and bullets they have to dodge as they scrounge for food.


Look, I’m not of fan of President Trump’s words. But I’m even less of a fan of leftist demagogues taking the obvious bait and stirring up racial hatred while demonizing conservatives. Trump derangement syndrome is only funny so far. There’s a point (and we’re quickly reaching that point) where it has real-world consequences.

I don’t disagree that words matter; that words can be a tool to foment violence. But words are not violence. What worries me more than President Trump’s language—intended to excite his base while driving the left crazy—is the way in which people like Dr. Brandy X. Lee use their platforms to convince a portion of this country that anyone further right than The Squad is dangerous and should be treated as if they’re mentally unstable.

In a recent article, I wrote, “According to many in the mental health field, the angst felt by leftists isn’t merely a product of political disagreements. It’s an ideological battle rooted in identity. Considering the powerful ways that the mental health field shapes society, that’s troubling.” I then asked, “All this raises the question, how long before the APA classifies supporting Donald Trump, or even conservativism, as a mental health disorder?”

The nonsense uttered by Dr. Lee and published by Raw Story is further evidence that my previous article’s warning should be heeded. Unless something changes, we’re approaching a time when being conservative will be labeled as a mental health disorder. Those diagnosed as conservative will be dealt with accordingly. Dr. Lee’s words are pushing those on the left to view conservatives as dangerous as well as encouraging leftists to take action to protect themselves from “dangerous” conservatives.



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