Transgender Neo-Nazi Gets Off With a Warning in Federal Cyberstalking Case

Taylor Parker-Dipeppe, of Spring Hill (Pinellas County Jail)

In recent years the transgender community, the “T” in “LGBTQ,” has become the only thing a lot of people can talk about. Now everybody is expected to express an opinion about it, and it had better be the correct opinion. It’s no longer enough for me to tell you that you can call yourself whatever you want, just leave me alone. Now I have to stand up and applaud with tears in my eyes every time some fading movie star decides she’s a he, and Ellen is now Elliot. “I don’t care” is no longer an option. You will be made to care.

So far, this social pressure campaign has been wildly successful. Now everybody’s walking on eggshells to avoid offending society’s most downtrodden victims, which also makes them society’s greatest heroes.

But when you focus on an individual’s self-chosen identity above all else, a few things are bound to fall through the cracks. For example, how can you be sure that some of your new victim-heroes aren’t also Nazis?

Gene Johnson, AP:

A federal judge declined to impose prison time Wednesday on a former member of a neo-Nazi ring that threatened journalists, finding that the 21-year-old — who concealed his transgender identity from his co-conspirators — had already suffered enough in his young life.

Taylor Parker-Dipeppe, of Spring Hill, Florida, was charged in early 2020 along with three other members of the Atomwaffen Division, a white supremacist group…

Parker-Dipeppe pleaded guilty in September to conspiracy to mail threatening communications and to commit cyberstalking.

The group made posters saying “You have been visited by your local Nazis” and left them at the homes of journalists they didn’t like. However, Parker-Dipeppe’s lawyer, Peter Mazzone, argued that Parker-Dipeppe had suffered her his whole life as a transgender child of an abusive alcoholic father, and only fell in with the neo-Nazi group to “seek acceptance.” Therefore, sending her him to prison would be “devastating.”

(Mazzone also referred to Atomwaffen Division as “these knuckleheads,” and now I can only picture him as Saul Goodman.)

U.S. District Judge John C. Coughenour in Seattle agreed during a virtual court hearing Wednesday, sentencing Parker-Dipeppe to time served after Parker-Dipeppe tearfully apologized for his actions.

Coughenour said he struggled with his decision because he was mindful of the fear and suffering such harassment can instill. But he added: “None of us have suffered the difficult situation this defendant has endured as a result of his gender identity confusion. … Enough’s enough.”

If you’re a woke lib, this is a real brain-teaser. On one hand, Taylor Parker-Dipeppe is a transgender man and therefore you can’t criticize him for any reason. On the other hand, Taylor Parker-Dipeppe is a neo-Nazi and therefore you can’t defend him for any reason.

Whoa, whoa, whoa…

Well, I don’t know what the woke crowd thought was going to happen. If you work hard for years to make a specific segment of society immune from criticism or consequences, you’re bound to get a few neo-Nazis in there. A few Jane-or-Johnny-come-latelies. If you completely reorient society so that subjective feelings outweigh objective reality, bad people are going to take advantage of it. And well-meaning people, like this judge, will be too intimidated to push against the tide.

We’re about to find out how many libs are actually transphobes, and how many of their friends will put up with it.

If Atomwaffen Division and other neo-Nazis want to get back into the good graces of the woke crowd, just convince ’em that Hitler was born a girl named Dolfina and he struggled his whole life to establish himself as a man. Okay, so maybe he got a little overly macho with all the “Aryan Master Race” stuff. Hasn’t he suffered enough already without you piling on, you transphobes?


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